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Having used very little social media marketing so far (I'm one of the handful of people on the planet without a Facebook account), I'm convinced finally that this is what I need for my languishing websites.

I'm interested in Twitter, but need some basic information about simply getting started.
I understand the whole bit about developing relationships and not having links in every tweet.

But do you treat it like other 2.0 sites, with a different username for each niche you are in? What do you do about filling in your real name? Is this seen by anyone? Also, when looking at the Twitter sign-up page, it asked for your business. Can this just be left blank? (I don't have a "business," except creating affilitate sites for Amazon).

Another thing...what are the hashtags all about?

These are my questions for right now...hope someone will fill me in on what I need to know.
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    There is nothing wrong in putting up your real name. The hash tags are mainly used to mark keywords or topic and also help them show more easily on twitter search. They are mainly used for trending topics.
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      So, even people with a variety of sites in a variety of niches their real names in every sign-up? Then, just a different username for each niche? Is your real name ever visible to the public?

      Do you have to fill in the box for "business name?"

      Also, how long should the profile bio be? Is this something like the resource box at Ezines?

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    Real name - is just the name you want displayed.

    Bio is limited to 160 characters.
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      Then what's the difference between real name and username?

      Sorry for such newbie questions...just want to make sure I fully understand the process.

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    Their real name is on top of their username

    For example:

    John Doe

    But everyone goes by the username when they mention a fellow tweeter @johndoe2012...
    Its Kind of Fun To Do The Impossible
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    There is no problem leaving the business name blank or just use your website name in it's place, also you can use your real name and then use your website name as username. Make the bio short but easy to understand what you do.
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      In my experience, Twitter has a low conversion rate.

      Simply because people follow alot of accounts, and on message with 140 characters can easily be overlooked
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        I've heard a lot about Twitter being bad for conversion, but I want the backlinks and social media presence to please Mr. Google.

        How often should I tweet per account? Is a few times a week okay, or does it need to be more for Google to notice?

        How many other people do I need to follow? Is there a "best strategy" to follow?

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    Personally, I feel Twitter is more effective if you have one profile and become known for one particular topic. It's a social network and people like interacting with people.

    If they like what you tweet, then they will likely build trust with you over time.

    However, for what you're doing I would recommend another path.

    Pick up a copy of Tweet Adder (pick the license that fits your needs best) and add your profiles to the software.

    What you can do is automatically follow people who express an interest in a chosen topic. If you have a good profile picture and seem to tweet like a human, many people will follow you back.

    You can also set up the software to automatically unfollow people who dont follow you back after a few days.

    Sure it's not free, but it saves a ton of time and you can focus on interaction instead of busy work.

    From there, 8-10 tweets per day is a solid amount. You can use a free service called BufferApp to schedule tweets across the day. Maybe have 5 tweets per day with links and 5 others with valuable info or even ask your followers questions.

    I'd suggest having 3 tweets your own links and 2 tweets other links to valuable resources or anything else related to your topic.

    You can decide whether you want hashtags in your tweets, but it will make it easier for others to find you. Maybe use 1 or 2 at the end of your tweet every few tweets.

    Hopefully this helps!
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      Originally Posted by gjohansson1 View Post

      From there, 8-10 tweets per day is a solid amount. You can use a free service called BufferApp to schedule tweets across the day. Maybe have 5 tweets per day with links and 5 others with valuable info or even ask your followers questions.
      I used BufferApp for (4) tweets and they suspended my account?!?

      Eileen Starbuck
      Single Mom | Super Affiliate Promoter of "The Well Oiled Affiliate Machine"
      (...where anyone can learn how to bring home the online bacon!)
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    Twitter is good if you have something interesting/unique to say - most of the times, people unfollow the usual IM/marketing accounts rather quickly. You could tweet the latest news in the industry, along with your own promotions once in a while (like once every 2-3 weeks).

    Also, you can use Twiends to increase your followers count - the people are real, and your account will look much better with 1000 followers and ~20 following than 1000 followers and 1000+ following.
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    Twitter is great for rapid wide engagement but its very untargeted in my opinion. Even if you are following relevant people the conversions are low. Most users streams are messy and next to useless because of the amout of people we follow as Twitter like many of the other social networks users have fallen into the one-upmanship on the followers count trap.
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    You can tweet 4x times a day to playing safe and not too spammy.

    Go to: twiends. com to follow your related niche.
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      Thanks so much for all the helpful answers.

      Since I would like some link juice as soon as possible, but understand that I shouldn't put affiliate links my tweets until much later, what's the best thing to do? Will I be able to put my website in my bio, plus use it as my business name? Or should I just use it for one of those?

      I don't want to use my url for my username - have something else picked out for that.

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  • Profile picture of the author Vorsiedious is the best place to start.

    My blogs: Funny Jokes • Blogger Guide • Video Game Blog

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    thanks for the useful info...

    I've had a twitter account for quite some
    time and haven't used it much.... didn't
    really know what to do with it...thanks
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    Posting useful content and not post a bunch of links helps. I used to just post a bunch of links like a robot.
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      I understand that all links in Twitter are nofollow, but is there anything else to know? Will Google still give me link juice for my link in my bio/profile even if don't get a lot of followers? Or is getting a lot of followers the main objective?

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    twitter is a good place to start however, all your tweets will not be imposed to your desire audience
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    Whenever you post something new in your website, you should tweet it through twitter. I want you to know one thing very well that google will not count your twitter links as backlinks but twitter can help you to get your website indexed quickly. There are other web 2.0 sites which are dofollow. You can go for them to get backlinks. Backlinks from social media sites like facebook, twitter, myspace etc won't give you higher ranking.
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    Hi CatherineMay!

    If you are using Twitter for business, it is important to reveal your true identity. As you said, it's all about relationships and build your network. For me, Twitter is more than just sharing the information about yourself but it's more about having a conversation with your potential customers in the purpose of increasing your brand awareness.

    You do not have to sell in make a hard sell Twitter, just be natural in introducing on what you can offer. Focus first on building trust before entering to sales development. More importantly, you have to be consistent in updating your followers in order for them to feel your presence. It's not about the quantity of followers but of their quality engagement with you.

    Anyway, the hashtags are like the keywords of your thought.

    Free Twitter Drip-Feed Tool Saves Time, Increases Market Awareness and Drives Traffic. Grab Your Free Account Today:

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    It is always good practice to fill out all information when using social media outlets. It looks more official and gives followers more security when tweeting with you. Hashtags are important. Use them. Your tweets will show up in searches when users search for that subject. Ex, "I love #socialmedia." When people search for tweets about "social media," your tweet will show up. Good luck!
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    do you guys know how to monetize on twitter?
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