yahoo messenger versus skype

by kareeh
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Which of this two do you use? I personally use Skype in sending messages and making free calls.
which one do you use?
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  • skype - obviously!
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    I prefer Skype. Better than Yahoo.
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    Skype because it is more popular and more people use it.
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    Skype for sure!

    As said above. It's better quality... far more people use it. Plus, it also has more legitimacy; I think it is more appropriate to say to a client "Let's arrange a time to chat on Skype" VS "Let's arrange a time to chat on Yahoo! Messenger".

    Yahoo Messenger is also concentrated in North America, not so much in Europe, Asia, and Australia/NZ. So it definitely has that international factor.

    Finally, you have all the platforms the Skype is available on; Windows Phone, iOS, Android and even some older MOS's like Symbian.

    Looking towards the future, it will also grow as Microsoft is ending MSN Messenger and pushing it's functionality to be replaced with Skype.

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    I prefer using skype to make calls and send instant messages. I don't like using yahoo messenger because it has poor call quality.
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    I use Skype for voice chat and Yahoo Messenger for typing if I am doing other stuff as well. There's no real need to say one is better because it depends on your own needs.

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    Skype is the best, far none! Nothing else can even come close to comparing.
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    without a doubt - skype! yahoo messengers seems to run slow in my system so I don't usually use it. I don't even care to download it.
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    We use Skype basically because it has better functions. We also use it for our podcasts too, the audio is definitely better. I'm not sure with Yahoo these days but Skype has other 3rd party programs that we could use to, for instance, record a call, etc.

    Mea @ OutsourceFactor
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    Both the messengers are nearly equally efficient but I prefer using Skype just because its video call quality is bit better than Ym.
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    Skype is better than yahoo messenger because its user friendly
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    I like yahoo before but i prefer skype now.

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    Out of curiousity, what do you guys use to record your SKYPE calls? (So the calls could be saved to an .mp3 and maybe uploaded to your site as freebie or a value add)

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    Skype. Hands down.
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    i think most people prefer to use Skype than Yahoo Messenger....
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  • Ten yrs back i used yahoo messenger but now i am using skype only.
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    Hi I am a user of yahoo, skype, msn and QQ,
    and here's what I've found.
    Skype is clearer than yahoo on fast internet and has cheaper phone rates but it uses about 3 times the amount of bandwidth.
    I tested yahoo's new beta for a day it's voice quality was worse than yahoo 6 and so I took it off and went back to 6. The amazing thing about yahoo 6 is that I can talk to people in zimbabwe that connect on old anolog lines at 40K, Skype could never do that I tried many times.
    As for msn I am behind a firewall so all i can use it for is to text, it won't even transfer files. QQ is a chinese messeneger program it's on par with yahoo but not widely used.
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    I say skype is easier to navigate in my opinion
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  • Skype. This is not just the newest trend these days but it has been proven and chosen by many that Skype works best so far for both business and personal use.
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    Skype without a shadow of a doubt: You might find better options with some of his competitors but overall Skype is the best one to use and everyone use it!
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  • Skype Skype it is an best one to use and its familiar to all.
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    I am a Skype guy, so thanks YM, but I'll have to pass...

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    years and years ago was yahoo and aim now there massive memory hogs
    now its skype
    actually use to use a program cant rem the name that had them all in one
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    Skype is more professional than others. Best for business usage.
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      Nicely told alex... I agree your words... skype is more professional one compare to others
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    Skype is more professional than others. Best for business usage.
    so i prefer skype
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    YM is so "thousand and late", IMHO... Skype had long dominated online messaging..
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    skype is best..

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    Skype is more user friendly ad more commonly used with online companies. Therefore i wouldn't bother with anyone else (-:
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    Skype is a great business client, it can do just about anything you need, including I'm pretty sure everything that Yahoo does.
    If I'm not using Skype then I'm using Google talk because they're also mobile compatible. I didn't know people still use skype.
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