Free Facebook HTTPS / SSL Iframe for small developer who not afford buying an SSL

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Here is the simple guide for people who using infamous facebook viral app such as Ineo, Vneo, Imbeast, Fb Zynga Crawler that virally auto run after the first day of promoting it. It usually contain 1 or 2 pages only to convinece users to install it and keep invite their friends to repeat the process. Personally I had great success on such script to get users install, auto invite friends and be my agents whenever I promote my new affiliate/product using their facebook accounts behalf of them. I had see many had do the same but couldn't get it go viral because they don't know how to solve the fb secure canvas requirement/ afford to purchase a SSL cert/ get a dedicated server. Fact is, currently there are 900+ Million users (and rapidly counting) that can't see your APP/Fanpage if it isn't secured! You must secure your fanpages to be seen by those browsing right now over the secured environment or else you missing the opportunity. Once you apply the fix, you can apply your new https:// connection to update your Apps secure canvas url so those existing people browsing over a secured environment can see your viral app. Feel free to try this

FREE Facebook HTTPS /SSL iframe

solution to cater FB secure canvas url requirement.
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