How to generate youtube views?

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I've always wondered what do people that sell youtube views use to generate them? Is there any software that can do that?
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    hey share video your on social sites, share with friends and ask them to forward

    tweet the video


    or if you want real fast views than probably you ll need to buy them, you can search on warrior who are offering this service
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      Originally Posted by umeedngo View Post

      no you are not right by submitting the same video on different sites will create the competition for your same video on different channels.
      submit the video on one channel and then post this link on the social bookmarking sites like twitter and facebook etc.

      Good Tip there
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    I suppose some people may use this firefox add on ReloadEvery: "Reload web pages automatically" which autmatically reloads the page to whatever you set the timings to.
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    you know now-a-day many people are selling youtube view
    those views are tricky
    you always be in tension that it could harm your video
    Sometimes this views can suspend your video sometimes it dont
    it fully depends on your luck.

    My suggestion to you, Either do it yourself or hire a team to earn points from view exchange sites.Here are a list of some site where you can exchange your video views. But its really boring and time consuming thing.

    I have a team we provide youtube views by surfing this sites and earning points which we use to our clients video.
    we can deliver you 15k views everyday to your videos.
    But our price is not as low as the other seller from fiverr.
    because we dont use any fake views (using proxies,mobile view bot etc)
    our provided views are safe.
    If you are interested you can hit me through PM or skype (pvaseller)

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      The actual number of views vs. views by potentional customers are two totally different things.

      To get quaility views, find the most popular video in the same topic as your video that doesn't have more than 1 video response and upload your video as the video response. (you are allowed one video response per video)

      I have found I get huge spikes in clicks through to my website after doing this.

      Always provide value. Passion > Money

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      • Profile picture of the author CoachManny is one way to get subscribers who are notified when you put up new videos.

        You subscribe to others and you get points and same goes for them.

        You can do this to get Twitter followers and Google+ etc.


        Manny Rodriguez Blog:

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    I'm not looking to get likes to my video. I just want to know how they do it cause no one wants to say. It looks like this is the best kept secret in the world lol. I'm sure that most youtube views seller offer fake views but I wish to know how they generate them
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    I don;t think people understood your question OP. People selling views in bulk are usually using custom coded bots that will generate views from places like Twitter and Facebook. There are ways you can pull some genuine views yourself but these are not methods that bulk sellers use.
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      The focus on view on youtube should be how to get actual people to look at your videos and the viewers to be interested in your videos.

      While its nice to have thousands of reported views, its the conversions that matter.

      Always provide value. Passion > Money

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      Originally Posted by zoomsixx View Post

      I don;t think people understood your question OP. People selling views in bulk are usually using custom coded bots that will generate views from places like Twitter and Facebook. There are ways you can pull some genuine views yourself but these are not methods that bulk sellers use.
      Yes, that's what I was asking. What do people that sell views in bulk use? Is there such bot to buy?
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  • One of the best ways to generate views to your video is through the use of social networking site. All you need to do is to write a very catchy description about the video so that the people who will see it will be interested in viewing the said vid.
    Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    Apart from the technical side, you should first make sure the
    content of your video has the potential to attract lots of

    That means you video should either:
    - Have a lot of value (i.e. concrete beneficial information)
    - Be controversial/provocative. This can be further enhanced
    by timing your video so that the frame at around half of the
    video (used as your video's thumbnail) attracts attention
    - Be viral in nature, e.g. funny/cool to the point that people
    want to pass it on
    - The title must be very attractive. Instead of guessing by
    yourself, look through the videos in the same categories that
    have already had lots of views. That should give you an idea
    of how to phrase your title. Generally it should either indicate
    strong benefits or spur strong curiosity.

    Hope that helps
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    I would not recommend using a software for that because that's very prone to banned account.
    It's better if you share your video into your facebook profile or page or in a certain group you belong.
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    Share videos on Facebook and Twitter, or share it on your website and blog to attract others' attention. There is a guide about how to increase YouTube view count 7 Ways to Increase YouTube Views | Christopher Sharpe , 11 Methods that will Increase your YouTube View Count, How To Increase Video Views On Youtube
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    If the video is worth the views, the people will find it.
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    Sharing on huge Facebook pages would help you a lot. That's how I did it.
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    To increase youtube views you can submit videos in many video submission sites.Also share it in all the social media sites.
    Please stop promoting your website in your posts.
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    Here is a video that we just put up on Youtube. We will basically buy some views and then shoot it all over Social Media. Some video work some do not


    Yvideo is all about making money with video. Whiteboard Videos, Video SEO, and Hosting Video

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    you must do such video seo, create your video in a good way and scene to attract people to watch. and provide a good and unique title that can make people curios.
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    Hi the op, you can tried this method that i have ever used.

    - Finding the videos that have lots of views but all of them and your video are in the same niche.
    - PM the videos owners if you can create the video response to theirs. Remember to send the request ONE time to each of them otherwise your account MAY get banned.
    - Once you get approved, your video may have lots of views. Please keep in mind that you CANT create multi video response, just one.

    Good luck.
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    The real bot isn't for public use. And most people will tell you that this doesn't exist
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    ADDMEFAST !! it's can be the best way in my opinion !!
    Free Kik messeneger Hack 2015 :
    Amazing tool to spy on conversations
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    I have my own network of real people watching my videos. I don't use software.
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    The key to get tons of views to any video is to optimize it with specific key words that people are searching for related to your video and then try submitting them to your social networks and traffic exchange sites that may certainly boost your views.

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    You can share the video-link in some social-media sites like facebook, skyrock etc etc, that's is very easy method.
    And if you reload the Video Link through Mozila with same IP address then the Viewers amount will not be increased!

    You can use Tor Browser for it - it'll be effective.
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    add some adult keyword to description of your video
    is the best but your video can will be banned but after 30 to 50 days
    i use it add just " sex hot sexy girl get anal mature bbw blowjob ass" and you can get lot of views
    i have test it
    this solution worth more than 30$ but to you is free
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    Yeah a lot of people will see those types of videos. Also any health related words will help you get views. I used "Six pack abs" and got 4 times the amount of that for an adult keyword.
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    *WARNING* Fake views will get your video removed!! Sony just last over 1 billion views due to the new youtube update! If you want real views I would post it in yahoo answers!
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