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Hello All

I do not use twitter all that much, but I have had an account for a while. I set up a new account for a website I started about cooking. Currently I follow about 5 people and have about 3 followers. I hope to up that with some quality tweets soon.

But, My question is regarding replying to tweets. I was on my twitter page and reading tweets from people I follow and noticed a tweet from someone I am not following. This tweet was actually a reply to someones tweet. So, if I reply to a public tweet are all that persons followers going to see it and if so, how can I make it so only the person that did the original tweet sees the reply.

I hope this makes sense

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    You'd need to send them a "Direct Message" through Twitter, rather than simply replying to their tweet. To send a Twitter follower a Direct Message, just go to their profile, click the icon to the left of the blue "Following" button, and select "Send a Direct Message" from the drop-down menu
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      Thanks, but, will that be a stand-alone message or a reply to the specific tweet


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