How to Get a PixelPipe Account!

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How To Get A Pixel Pipe Account!

Hey guys here is a quick guide on how to get an account to use for PixelPipe! If you don't know what Pixelpipe is, it's a program that allows you to upload media whether it be videos, pics, etc. to multiple sites at once saving you a lot of time!

The reason why I made this guide is because they are currently not allowing new sign ups, so here is a way to use the service without being able to signup.

So here we go.. it's very simple

Step 1:

First we are going to go to, and create a free account.

Step 2:

Now after you created your free Twitter account we are going to go to, and on the right side you are going to see the following form..

Now check the option that says "twitter", then sign in with your Twitter account and there you go! You can now use PixelPipe and get more traffic to your site!

I hope this guide helps out, if you want to learn how to use PixelPipe, I will be making a guide on that as well!

So watch out for the next FREE marketing guide!

Take care!,

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