How I got 500 Likes in a Week and 2 days.

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A Little History

Let me start off by saying I am a regular guy in North Carolina. In fact I am just 21 years old. I was a slacker in High School. Once i graduated I didn't go to college. I taught myself Web Development and moved to the Dominican Republic for 5 months. I have currently been in the states for 10 months.

What Didn't Work

Making money online has always been an interest to me. I have been trying many strategies i hear online for more then a year. I have done Pat Flynn's "THE Backlinking Strategy That Works". It didn't work for me. Not because his strategy is faulty but because of the fact that i didn't give it all i had. I wanted "it" now and backlinking was too tedious for me. I still hate it. yuck.

I tried to buy backlinks and Facebook fans on Fiverr. I bought about 95% of the fans for this Fan page. The Video Game Awards They didn't carry any weight as they weren't targeted.

I even had a personal blog where i would discuss "Going against the grain, in a world where we are all taught to be the same". Because it was close to my heart i was able to write everyday and i started to gain some traction. I guest posted on a few sites and that started to bring in the traffic. I used Triberr wish brought in many views. I was even consulted on designing their website. I never implemented any designs, by the way. Back to the matter at hand, my blog was gaining traction. But i stopped writing. Why? Because my views changed. Picking a topic i could always write about would have been a better approach. I gave up for about 6 months and decided to try again with a different approach and create something i have been passionate about since i was little.


I realize this isn't much but in a week and a half i think it is quite significant.

It is now February 11th and i created the Community Fan page around the 26th of January.
Attachment 16568
I realize it has been 3 weeks since the 26th of January but i had to stop my tactics due to lack of funds. I continue to get likes however just not as many. I will resume tactics when I get more funds.

How i got 500 Facebook Likes in a Week and 2 days.

The page

I decided to create a fan page about something i was passionate about. Video Games. I could write about video games all day everyday. But i needed a specific topic not just the saturated Video Games topic.

The topic of the fan page is called "Xbox 720 Fans" and is centered around the new Xbox 720 which will be released this year and news is all over the web. There are several pages that have more fans then I but i have centered my page around the Fans of Xbox 720 rather then the product alone. I guess this angle has worked for me. Also, contributing the the success in the week and 2 days is the fact that the Xbox 720 is still in speculation. So my fan page is riding the hype wave if you will.

Creating a brand is important so i create all my images with same font and color scheme. The Cover picture is important so i wanted a big statement. Here is one cover picture
Attachment 16570
here is another
Attachment 16571
my profile picture
Attachment 16572

The Ad

After i created the page i then decided to use facebook ads. I chose the "Get More Page Likes" option. This works great because people can press like without even leaving what they are doing.

The headline for the add is just simply "Xbox 720" I kept it simple and i feel that the Xbox 720 name already sparks interest.

Next was the text. Following this post i simply put "Press like if you are ready for the new xbox". This worked.

I set the "Landing View" to timeline so people land on the fan page instead of pictures when people click on my ad.

Next was the image. This was super important to me as eyes are the biggest way to catch someones attention. Looking at the styles on Facebook already, i chose something that would stand out. Originally it was just a black and white image. That worked some but i decided to change my tactics and them the likes started pouring in. I changed the color to xbox's signature green. This image really pops and catches the persons eye.
Attachment 16569

Choosing the audience was also important. In the location field i selected United States as this is the main environment of my product. In the precise interest sections i selected everything xbox related and in the broad i selected the topic related to my fan page. I was interested in women, men, young and old so i really didnt worry about anything else. Your topic might have a specific audience. If so plug it in.

This was also important. I set the add to cost per impression CPM so that more people would see my add. I set the budget to 20.00 a day and set the max bid to 0.20.

I waited for facebook to accept and the likes started pouring in. I am still testing different ad copy and pictures to see what works better.

The Engagement

You can get likes but keeping them is important. I'd even say more important then getting likes. I have asking questions that would stimulate sort of controversial gaming matters. I recently posted a "Xbox 720 vs PS4" image that said "Like if you think the Xbox 720 will be better then the PS4. Comment if you think the PS4 will be better then the Xbox 720." This has been my greatest post yet as it has 172 likes and 71 comments. I just posted this last friday. Looking back i should have said "Comment if you think the Xbox 720 will be better then the PS4. Like if you think the PS4 will better then the Xbox 720." Why? Because liking is easier then commenting. PS4 fans have more work to do by commenting and thus making the difference between likes and comments more drastic. A closer outcome would possibly generate more buzz.

I only created a website after i gained around 500 likes. I slowly introduced my website into the community so they feel as though i am not pushy. I currently am getting around 60 visits a day so far. Even though its been around 3 days.


In conclusion here is the main points that id say has helped me.
  • Created a page around something new that you can ride the hype wave.
  • Use CPM so more people can see your add
  • create a flashy ad image
  • brand your fan page. People are more willing to stick to a brand.
  • Create controversial post. Something that will stur up feelings.
  • Don't push your site on people.
There are people we can think of like Pat Flynn, Corbett Barr and more that have great tips on how to make money online. They are great guys that offer great tips. We follow exactly what they do and read their blogs everyday. But who did they follow? They just did their thing. Try something new be different.

Ok now its time to play some xbox. Live long and prosper my friends.
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    Thanks for sharing the inspratonal message. I'm in that process where I'm still figuring what I'm passionate about. Once I find it, I'm giving it my all

    Personal development and motivation

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      Originally Posted by denZer View Post

      Thanks for sharing the inspratonal message. I'm in that process where I'm still figuring what I'm passionate about. Once I find it, I'm giving it my all
      No problem! Let me know what works for you!
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    congrats for you having that. but 500 likes is very low for a week. you should have at least 5k likes already.
    Here's the fastest way to quit the 9-5 and take back control of your life
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      Originally Posted by CindyPink View Post

      congrats for you having that. but 500 likes is very low for a week. you should have at least 5k likes already.
      How would you have suggested I get 5000 in a week?
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        Originally Posted by kdogg556 View Post

        How would you have suggested I get 5000 in a week?
        In some niches it's fairly easy to even get 10k likes in a week. If you are selling products, it can be a little harder however.
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    Fantastic inspiration kdogg & great work on this getting traction and finding your passion.

    Using this as your inspiration has also managed to get you back in the game and moving forward.

    Keep up the good work and feedback
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    Yes, Using FB Ads and niche like video games can get more likes very easy but when you sell product or services then getting likes is more difficult.Anyways,congrats to you and keep it up
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    thanks for detailed post!!
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    Hi your correct, backlinking is a long term tedious, boring task. Creating great content that will be syndicated and shared is an excellent option too.
    Thanks for providing some good information.

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      I changed the Ad image and this has allowed me to bring in around 150 likes a day. The image is just a concept picture of the Xbox 720 console. I guess this inspires the viewer to click on the image to see what the console will look like. I now have over 1000 likes in just two weeks.
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    Facebook Ads is definitely a great way to laser-target your prospects Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story!
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  • Thanks for sharing!
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    That was a fantastic insights.. A great share i guess!
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