Twitter Followers Software?

by rred
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Hello Folks,

Can anyone suggest me best twitter software to get followers
quick and fast.

Something similar to tweet attack, and which can be run on Win7.

Thanks in advance
Feedback are much appreciated.
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    You can use Tweet Adder.I am using and feel satisfy with it
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      Originally Posted by rogerminh2401 View Post

      You can use Tweet Adder.I am using and feel satisfy with it
      Tweet Adder is awesome !!
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    Yeah Tweet Addres could do the work for you. However be aware as you might get banned if you are not using it properly. Do a little research before you use it
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      I used tweet adder. Got my account suspended as I was using it a bit too aggressively. I have managed to get it reactivated. It's a gradual process if you want to remain below the radar but tweet adder can save you a lot of time.

      Just starting out so be gentle!

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        Originally Posted by Ideal Life View Post

        I used tweet adder. Got my account suspended as I was using it a bit too aggressively. I have managed to get it reactivated. It's a gradual process if you want to remain below the radar but tweet adder can save you a lot of time.
        If using Tweet Adder,You should follow 200/1 day.
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    I am also looking for one
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    You have to be careful when it comes to adding a bunch of followers all at once. As someone already mentioned, it can get you banned.

    I'd also add that having a large following doesn't mean anything or do anything for you if it's not people in your niche, other experts in your niche, etc. Just like you want targeted traffic coming to your website, you want to build a social media following of your target market.
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    Sad to say, the days of using software to automate everything Twitter is slowly becoming useless.

    Twitter has declared an all out war against spammers and automated methods to manage your account(s) and constantly develops methods to root out all accounts they even lightly suspect of not being in accordance to their Terms of Service.

    If you spam a link, even if it's hidden with URL shorteners and redirects, Twitter can detect that the link is being tweeted excessively. If you manage several accounts and you tweet the link from different accounts, Twitter can catch on and ban all your accounts. I have heard of people using software that instead of direct tweeting the links, will retweet the tweet. Not sure how that's working out currently.

    That being said, I'm not saying software can't be used. But to effectively use Twitter automated software without being banned would require a lot of costs. The more accounts you want to manage, obviously the more money you will need to invest and will need to determine if it's worth it.

    The thing that gets people in the most trouble with using automated software is their IP. I'm very sure a lot of you know this but there are some who don't. When Twitter sees that there are several accounts on the same IP address doing a lot of activity they don't like, they ban all the accounts.

    Ok, so to get around this problem, you need to get private proxies. This isn't as easy as it sounds, because Twitter threatens to sue anyone they accuse of being involved in the conspiracy to spam...including proxy providers. Many private and shared proxy providers will not let you use their proxies on Twitter and block it.

    Let's say you find a proxy provider that's sympathetic to the cause and let's you use their proxies on Twitter, now you have to consider costs. There are two options, private and shared proxies. Shared being much cheaper.

    There still remains a problem when buying proxies to use with your Twitter software. They will give you proxies all within the same IP range, Twitter can see this instantly. Shared proxies are even worse because you're potentially sharing proxies with other people who are using them on Twitter too.

    You may be able to arrange something with your proxy provider to give you proxies that are all from different IPs maybe even different geographical regions. This will cost a lot, but would be best way to get around Twitter's ability to detect multiple accounts.

    What about public proxies?

    Too hard, as we all know public proxies suck balls. Not only do they not last that long, out of 1000 public proxies that may be live, you're lucky to get a small handful that will actually connect and be able to tweet on Twitter. There are ways to buy bulk public proxies by the thousands that will work, but there is still a problem with that because public proxy sellers scan IP ranges of working proxies. So now the problem with the same IP ranges is back.

    Public proxies are bad too because Twitter can detect if an account is jumping around a lot, because of the need to use a new public proxy for the account when the proxy doesn't work anymore.

    And now, there is software that people can use to sweep their accounts of spam followers. One example of software is TwitSweeper (no affiliation, only detestation). It allows a Twitter user to be spam cops for Twitter and can look for, report, and flag accounts for suspension.

    Like I said, I'm not saying automated Twitter software can't be used, but the time and costs to turn a profit are slowly becoming greater. I used to make pretty good money on Twitter back in the day of spamming links and hashtags, but's just too hard now.

    So I guess in summary to this post, one is going to need a way to vary their proxies better to get around that problem and hide their links better to get around Twitter seeing that too.
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    TweetAddr works but is a little buggy.
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    For those that mentioned TweetAdder, they've removed all the automation after working out a legal agreement with Twitter it looks like.
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    Tweet adder was my favorite tool but since they removed it's automate follow/unfollow feature so I don't use it anymore, I suggest manual following process though it's time consuming but it actually works.
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    Don't use software. You will get your account banned by Twitter, sooner or later.

    I can help all warriors here get 10,000 - 50,000 twitter followers within less than one week.

    This is what I have been doing for the last 6 years everyday
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      How would you do that and how much does it cost please? I am interested if my Twitter account does not get banned with your method.
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    Tweet Adder is known as the best Twitter Tool ...
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    Wanted to invest in tweetadder but it seems that version 4.0 won't allow to get followers automatically. Looking for an other solution...
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    I prefer it is like stumbleupon for social media and you can get follows and likes on any of your social media even google and youtube. Now I am kinda partial to this site since it is mine. But its FREE and if you use this special coupon once you are a FREE member you will get 500 Credits to help you get the follows you want. Code "special-invite"
    If you want software the one that has worked for me for years is tweetadder. Dont go hog wild because twitter has gotten alot smarter when it comes to these software.
    Hope this helps.
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      Originally Posted by Moneymaker2012 View Post

      Tweetadder is the best tool so far!
      Tweetadder will no longer be functional after May 26th.
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    I may have found a solution, has anybody tried this -> Twitter Follower
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    Hello bro can you pm me with tweet added software link?
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    I have been using Tweetadder 4. It was very slow to add follows and follow backs - getting 4-5 a day. Went at it a bit more aggressively - doing about 100-150 in a go and bang - been suspended. I'm waiting to find out if the suspension will be lifted but they do seem to be clamping down on this.
    I do find it useful for automating posts so that I can write a weeks worth and let it spread them out. But left to it's own devices will only grow your followers very slowly.

    Why was your signature file linking to a domain owned by someone else?

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      I am pleased to report that my account suspension has been lifted and more than that, I received an apology. They said that use automated systems to try and block spam accounts and that my account was suspended by mistake. It has be reinstated with full followers and following as was prior to the suspension.

      Why was your signature file linking to a domain owned by someone else?

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  • Profile picture of the author The DNA Life
    Tweet adder for the win. All you need to know is that the turtle always wins the race! Slow and steady for the win! You won't be disappointed

    Instagram 98,000 followers
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    So what does tweet adder do at the moment? Since it's not possible to automate things right now, has it become just an organising tool or something to see who followed you back?

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    What good is getting 200 followers a day if you can't engage with each one of them, and build a trusting relationship. I'm having some success on twitter but it requires me engaging with people. My site gets 300 visitors every day from twitter now. But it takes a lot of work.
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    for followers use Tweet Adder and for unfollow use Just Unfollow
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    I use 2, Ezeesocial to automate the following and tweepi to give it a boost from time to time
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  • I recommend Twitter Adder as well. This by far is the most okay software for getting followers .
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  • Profile picture of the author dash0205
    The TweetAdder4 is not as powerful as the previous versions. But I find it still useful. I do recommend not to automate your tweets if you are trying to build relationships with your followers.
    I am bent to provide more value to the marketplace. Connect with me via my Blog YOU CAN CLICK HERE
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    I think The better choice is addmefast .
    I am using addmefast using the i macro script you will get 60 % unique active followers.

    Enjoy your Holidays with Maximum .. we offers best Software development company in dubai and Qatar,
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    I recommend . This by far is the most okay software for getting followers .
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    SocialOomph works great for is also real followers you get...hope it helps
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    Only one software can get yiu best results as all other have one problem or Tge other.
    The name is FollowLiker.
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    Like 4 like and addme fast are good.
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    Just post content people want to retweet. Look at what's trending and post related content, using those hash tags.

    There's no benefit to followers who aren't engaged, or who followed you because they follow everyone. I have accounts I grew that way and when I tweet something it gets very little attention because someone who follows anyone and their brother isn't interested in your message (and probably will never see it because their stream is so cluttered). But on other accounts, where the people followed with purpose - because they wanted to hear my message - they're tuned in and engaged.

    I know this probably isn't the answer you want to hear, just offering a different perspective.

    Ron Rule

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      I use DN. Its really simple. Just chose Likes and followers and follow instructions. Check it out.
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