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Hi guys

I've been doing a lot of social media marketing these last few days and wanted to get more out of google plus so I joined a few communities and started posting in them as well as commenting on other peoples posts.

I can't believe how well this has done, previously I was getting a little bit of traffic and slowly making a few connections but now I'm getting a lot more traffic, comments on my posts and making a lot more and better quality connections?

Have you been using the google plus communities?
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    Yap. G plus communities are great. Better than FB groups of course. And mostly these groups and communities performance depends on its members. If a community has 100 active members than you can call it a best group.
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    I recently read that Google indexes community content. Communities are great and I recently started using them, simply because a much more people can see my posts. Only you have to offer useful and interesting content.

    I think it is not wise to do a classic business promotion in communities, the main objective is to contribute to the community. This should encourage people to take an interest in you and your business.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.
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    Many people utilize this network rather than the other social media tools, people are demonstrating their passion for business which means you have untapped resources here when it comes to leads.
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    I agree that they are more useful than the the Facebook groups, I also agree with needed to provide good content, I'd never just go on to self promote - If I share a link to a blog post I always make sure it's relevant to the community I'm in.

    Again I agree with the google plus users seeming more interested in business rather than just there to connect with friends, which means they are more likely to subscribe to your list/buy your product.
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    Plus, they are better maintained by the moderators and a lot better than those Facebook groups, even though the traffic from Facebook is doing well for me based on the bounce rate.
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    I'm still using G+ communities. There people are more engaging then on Fb, maybe because G+ is more business, then pleasure.
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      The thing I like about G+ communities is that you better NOT post the exact same biz opp comment and link in multiple communities, because either G+ will warn you about spamming, or the moderators will ban you.

      It is indeed a lot more serious than most FB groups.
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        I just posted the link of this thread in a G+ community called "Community Moderators", it's a big community with more than 5,000 members.

        I've learned many nice things there about how to deal properly with community members. I hope they enjoy seeing the positive vibes in the thread here
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          I now consider switching from FB marketing to G+

          I don't have any experience with G+ but guess it may be a rather good network this time since it already earned its popularity.

          I wonder if there is a remote posting to G+. Do you know about any app?
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    Yes ! I have been doing Google + since their Origin. No doubt the google Communities are one of the most visited communities over Internet. I love to work with Google forums, Communities, Google+. There are few Things why i use to work with them.
    1. The first on all of them are Google Product
    2. Google communities are cool with #tag
    3. Can navigate well with Google Analytic
    4. of course to Gain the google trust.

    Get the recent Google updates form a trusted source. Our SEO consultant Blog is open for those who wants to help the peoples to understand the Search engines in better way.

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    It's so cool to see that I'm not alone! Definitely think G+ is on the up!
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