Getting New Local Followers on Twitter

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This is an excerpt from my blog post, but I took out links, etc to share here.

Follow Local Twitter Followers Part 1
  • Visit
  • In the 'Near This Place' field put in your zip code
  • Results will come up showing people tweeting from your area
  • Click each name and follow them
  • Follow up to 200 a day this way

Get Local Twitter Followers Part 2
  • Click on their name to see how many followers they have
  • Click on the number of followers they have
  • Start following their followers (who would be local of course)
  • Follow the first 2 steps from Part 1
  • Scroll through results looking for a business or popular name in your area

Use Hashtags to Get Followers
  • Find hashtags that fit your industry, by searching for your industry on Twitter
  • Use 1-3 hashtag in each tweet

For Local Businesses
As you look for people to follow, note hashtags they are using for your area, and use these in your own tweets.

Share Local Content
  • Regularly share the local news, events, and calendar with your followers. This will get them to retweet your tweets
  • You can get most of this from the local news website
  • Share weather, politics and non profit information to be helpful to your audience

Tweet Often
  • It's almost impossible to over tweet, tweet up to every half hour
  • The more you tweet, the more followers you get
  • Share news that people in your industry care about (use a hashtag for your industry)
  • Retweet other good tweets
  • Share funny stories

Your Twitter Profile
  • Have a description of your company in your profile
  • Share pictures often if you offer a visually pleasing service/product
  • Use a fitting profile picture to represent you (accounts without profile pictures are not taken seriously)

Join The Conversation
  • Spend a few minutes a day reaching out to people you follow
  • Answer their tweets, comment on links, comment on pictures
  • Visit their websites
  • Respond to your mentions, follow new followers, and look for more people to connect with.

Search for Your Keywords on Twitter
  • Go back to
  • Put in keywords customers would use to look for you
  • Type in your zip code in 'Near This Place'
  • Respond to the tweets that could use your product or service

Extra Twitter Tips for Small Business
  • You will find more success by visiting often
  • Build relationships with people- don't worry about offering too much information
  • It takes time- no one grows a following over night
  • Don't buy followers- they are not real people who want to learn more about your business
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    tnx dude
    your post is very useful
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    Extremely useful information. Thanks for sharing! : )
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    Good advice!

    Measure, manage and incentivize customer referrals with ReferralCandy.

    PS: Looking to get more repeat customers for a physical store? Check out CandyBar's digital loyalty cards!

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  • Profile picture of the author ViralMediaBoost
    This is good advice, especially the part that people should engage more and not rely on automated software so much. In order to get more followers, they need to participate more in discussions and will personally reply to messages. They should also go outside the Twitter world and find sites that can be useful to them and in return, they can contribute something. It doesn't take the entire day to do it so people should learn to manage their time and provide some in actually participating.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mary Green
    Thanks everyone. I agree Viral, but it can be hard for small businesses that are already short on time to do all of that. It doesn't take long to do it for Twitter, but then Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Time adds up.

    There is no perfect schedule or perfect routine that everyone can or should follow, but the more active you can be the better, for sure. It should definitely increase sales in the end if you put in the time.
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