FB Page - How to do Bulk upload of posts + images + schedule ?

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I have a FB page and I am looking for an application that will enable me to do a bulk upload of posts + images to my page and schedule them as well.

Something like a CSV file that will contain all my posts with scheduled date for each one and also an image.

As far as I know Hootsuite is not an option as you can only do a bulk upload of posts without images.
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    I am not aware of any application but I schedule it manually.
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    Yes hootsuite.

    Its a little tricky to get the hang of the format for bulk posts, but once you crack it, it works. Only drawback: the word on the street is that using a third party posting service affects EDGERANK.

    I can't tell you that I have experience of this, but it stands to reason.

    Hope this helps.

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      Can you do bulk upload of scheduled posts with images in Hootsuite ? I want to have an image in my post (not just text) and from looking at their website, I saw people complaining that this is not possible in Hootsuite.
      Where are the images stored when you do bulk upload in Hootsuite ?
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    manually doing is easy, faster, and you can customize it much faster than other services because you still have to add content to it.

    also, like jodyross said - it affects edgerank
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    You can upload images use a spreadsheet.
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    You can use post planner
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    I was looking for the answer to that question also so thanks for all the tips..
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    While Hootsuite supports bulk scheduling of statuses or page links via CSV file, there is currently no option to schedule photo uploads.
    If you have the budget, you can use www.postplanner.com at a subscription price of $19/mo. It features: Unlimited Pages & Groups, Unlimited Lists, Unlimited Blog Feeds, Repeating Posts, Status Ideas Engine (10k+ proven status updates to choose from), Content Engine (add Fan Pages, Blogs & Twitter feeds , cherry-pick the best stories),Post Analytics in Real Time, Branded Posts & SEO ( your website link under posts).
    There is also www.bufferapp.com, there is the free limited version and unlimited $10/mo. Just fill up your Buffer at one time in the day and Buffer automagically posts them for you through the day. Simply keep that Buffer topped up to have a consistent social media presence all day round, all week long.
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    Hootsuite is a good tool to schedule your post for social media platforms, including FB, Twitter, Google+, etc.
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    If you are doing it by yourself will help you more cause from it you can customize your content, links, photos and many more so this will help you more than that.
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    You can schedule mass posts inside the facebook scheduler. Just use imacro record it and store your data into csv and run imaco to schedule it. Free and easy way to bulk upload your posts.

    Using Imacro you can totally customize your posts as per your needs.
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    I'd like to try Facebook sharer PRO.. where could I get it?
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    I just used graph API in a powershell script for fun
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    FPT Traffic is only 10 bucks a month and works great.

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    FPTraffic is Luke Kling's (LukePeerFly's) latest product and it is awesome.
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      Originally Posted by miklanderson2 View Post

      FPT Traffic is only 10 bucks a month and works great.
      Originally Posted by Ontealdon View Post

      FPTraffic is Luke Kling's (LukePeerFly's) latest product and it is awesome.
      Just stumbled onto this post. Appreciate the mention!

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    The best tool you can try is : MaherPost Facebook Wall Poster - Post to Groups and Pages

    Check it out, It's really good.
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    I would recommend you the Superhero my team has created. Publer's Bulk uploader and scheduler is very very powerful. It offers all the tools you could think of for mass scheduling in one place.

    You can upload your photos (and videos) at once from your computer, from external URLs or from using a CSV file.

    Publer also supports posts with multiple photos.

    Last but not least, you can AutoSchedule in Bulk.

    Links that should help you learn more:

    Let me know if you have questions or if you're interested and looking for a coupon
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    hootsuite is the best tool for that...
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      I have 10 photos in my computer that I want to schedule in bulk. How would I be able to do that with Hootsuite?
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