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So I have a Business page for my Photography website and I was wondering how do I interact with other pages so I can get backlinks setup and they can promote me and I can promote them kind of deal.

Or am I out of luck because I needed to create a fanpage? Maybe there are other options that I don't know of?

Maybe you guys can send me a link to a helpful page.

Thanks WF peeps
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    The best way to promote a page is to post good content. You really have to get the people engaged. If not even though you get some burst traffic, it will eventually die out.

    Once you regularly post interesting content (pictures in your case) and provoke more and more people to like, comment and share your posts, the visibility of your fan page will increase. For individual posts you will have viral traffic and a good continuous viral traffic will increase the organic traffic. Along side you can post in on leading fan pages that are related to your category and that too will help in improving your visibility.

    Hope this helps.

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    I tend to do this the old fashioned way. Whenever I shoot a wedding I make sure to chat with the DJ, caterers, florists and any other vendors and exchange information with them and make sure we follow or "like" each other on facebook. I actually have social media info on my new business cards so every time I pass one out, there is another potential "like" coming my way. This should also help with getting more "likes" from wedding guests (aka potential future clients).
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    If you want backlinks to your business page, just go to forums in your niche (photography) and post/comment using good content. Type in google search this "site: forum photography" without the quotation marks and google will bring up a list of forums you can visit and comment on.

    Most sites allow you to put your website in the form when you comment. This will give you a backlink plus people will click on your link and it will take them back to your business page. If you need to know more detail, just PM me
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    In addition to putting up new content, you'll also want to ask fans to share your content and give likes on posts. That will help your content go viral.
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    Try to google it first. You wil definitely find somthing.
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    Post interesting content on your page, post relevant content on your page, Like other pages in the same niche and ask them to like your page as well. That way that page will promote your page on their page and you will promote them on your page, it will be mutual promotion of yours and their page.
    Also you can go to other related pages and comment on their posts using your fan page, you will for sure attract their fans to your page. i do it time by time and do get lots of fans from other pages.
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