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One day out of the blue a few months ago my 19 year old daughter mentioned that she had an instagram account. She posts pictures of things she likes, mostly fashion accessories and make up and things of that nature. I thought, well isn't that nice, my little girl is online.

Then a few days ago as we talked on the phone she says "Hey Dad, I've got 25,000 followers on instagram now" ... Say WHAT? 25,000?

I'm not quite sure how she did it. She explained that over a fairly short period of time she had 2,000 followers. Then 3,000, then 4,000. And somewhere in there people started sending her messages asking her if they could send her free samples of their shirts, pants, etc and if she liked them would she wear them and mention them on her posts.

She did. Like I said, now she has over 25,000 subscribers. So she was asking me "Can I actually make money from this somehow?"

Knowing her Dad is a "marketing guy", a "computer" guy and he used to buy and sell real estate, she was expecting no-less than a brilliant answer from me on this.

My answer was "I don't have a clue (yes, she looked very surprised at that answer) ... so I continued "but I'll find out".

I really don't know anything at all about instagram (I should, yes). My 1st thoughts were that she might want to create a facebook page and a youtube channel to refer all those followers because I believe she could make money there. But again, I admit I am totally clueless about instagram.

Any suggestions?
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    Maybe she could speak to the company owners about becoming an affiliate with them. Buy a domain like and use a sub-domain for each company that redirect to her affiliate link.

    Example: ---- redirects to ----

    I'm not sure if this would actually work, but you can do research.

    Also, she could setup a blog and write articles on free clothing she gets. Posting pictures, linking to the company website and both of their instagrams. Monetizing with adsense or affiliate links.
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    Could she also include an affiliate link to the products she is promoting?
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    I'm not sure what the Instagram policy is regarding the inclusion of URLs within an image, but it would be interesting to hit a redirect to an affiliate URL, as d1ey0u mentioned.

    The safe bet would be to create a site where the photos would be posted, maybe some sort of call to action would be possible via an image at that point. In any case, if she has 25k on Instagram I'm sure they'd follow her elsewhere, especially if there was some sort of added benefit off-site (whatever that is).

    People do this with YouTube content all the time, also including other popular channels/video to keep it interesting. A hub type approach seems like it could work well here, but affiliate sales would be the real money generator, for sure.
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      The easiest way would be for companies to pay an "advertising fee" to your daughter in exchange for reviewing the product.

      Otherwise, you could spread your daughter's influence away from the instagram sphere into her own website/Youtube. Youtube pays a few dollars per thousand views.

      Or it could be basic affiliate marketing in the form of recommendation.

      James Fame

      Fire me a pm if you have a question. I build businesses and provide consulting. I do not do finance/money/internet marketing niches. Fitness, self-improvement and various others are welcome.

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    There should be a way to insert links in order to make money.
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    This is a brilliant idea to move to facebook she can link her followers to her facebook page, and promoting the products there would be a lot of success.
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