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For CPC, what number should I put? I'm doing $5 a day. two campaigns, 3 ads each.
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    When setting up your ad, Facebook will give you a suggested price range that you should bid to have your ads shown. As your ad runs, if your click thru rate is increasing, your suggested bid will decrease.
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    You should put in what ever your willing to pay for a click. The absolute max your willing to pay. What that is only you can decide. Its unlikely you will pay that amount however, but you should always put in the max your willing / able to pay.
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    Your cost will depend on your budget and size of your audience. They have a program that will help you determine the right budget for you.
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      Originally Posted by charleskay View Post

      You should try from the lowest your are willing to pay and see how the results goes....
      Why would you say to put in the lowest?
      First off its just silly to even say that. Since everyone would put on 1 cent. I mean its not like if I get a click for 50 cents Im going to say .. oh I wont take any clicks if the cost less than that. I wont pay 49 cents for a click Ill only take a click if its 50 cents. The lowest everyone is willing to pay is $0.01 since who would ever want to pay more.

      Also consider this:

      Your willing to pay $1 per click, but you put in $0.50 per click to 'see how it goes'

      You get 10 clicks. But your out bid on the ad display (its kind of like an auction) and your ad stops showing because someone is willing to pay more that $0.50, they put in $0.75

      So you could have gotten more than 10 clicks but you didnt because you put in $0.50 and someone else put in $0.75, but you where really willing to pay $1 for a click but Facebook didnt know that because you didnt put in what you where really willing to pay.

      You lost clicks and traffic that should have been yours.

      Facebook , Google, Bing , etc advertising is kind of like an auction, where the company themselves will 'bid for you up to your max' , it does not mean you will pay the max you bid, but it means that if someone tries to take you spot away by paying more than what your currently paying that they wall auto increase your bid (up to your max) to ensure you keep the spot.

      Because of this you should ALWAYS put the absolute max in that you are willing to pay for an ad.
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    My honest opinion, do Facebook ads only if you have a coupon or if you are promoting a concert or an actual event targetting young people..... that is the only thing users on facebook take seriously.... promoting anything else is pretty much pointless... they aren't in the mindset to buy it if they are hanging around wasting time or socializing on facebook.......
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    Keep your CPC within their automated suggested price during the creation of your campaign.How much you are spending mainly depends on which niche your are.If the niche is competitive enough you would like to increase your budget.
    Shuvo Shahid
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    Welcome to FB PPC. Love it!

    Here's the Reality with ppc. Even if you have a lower budget, you have to treat the campaigns the same as if you had a big budget. The only thing that should be of interest to you is your 'Click through Rate' [CTR]. The better rate you have, the cheaper FB will allow you to run your ads.

    With a $5 a day budget, this is the best time to find out what is getting a good CTR. Use a smaller audience between 500-2000 people. Then optimize your campaigns for the best headline, description, picture etc. Then once you have a good CTR, and assuming that you are getting the traffic to convert on a smaller scale, then scale up your audience size & budget when you can.

    Thank you for connecting with me, I really appreciate everytime you respond or have a conversation with me. (hint: I'm an introvert, lol) --- http://attractivesponsor.com

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    If you want clicks like a rain then go with Facebook suggestion and if you don't care where your ad appears like bottom or top then go with your maximum Per click. In the end your ad will show up if your niche is not too competitive.
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    FaceBook does give suggested bids, put a bit more than the maximum suggested bid, it will expose your ad to many people. Face book will not charge you the highest bid but will be lowered accordingly.
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    I ran ads with the lowest bid and the 5.00 was gone in an hour ,so plan on spending a lot of money, I had 30 clicks and no sales to a targeted group.
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  • I tried it as well and I got many clicks but no one purchased it its a waste of money and for me it was expensive if you promote a product to Facebook I rather suggest just make a fanpage and make an invitation to like your page so that there is a chance that other people will find your post and they can follow you or they can purchase on the product that you promote.
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