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Hello Warrio Forum members.

Hope you all having an amazing summer.

Very briefly;

A week ago I launched an online personal branding site to grab some attention and get some boost with my job searching (I recently relocated to New York after a super career in Europe).

You can check it out here

It's a breaking news site about myself. I am looking for a creative position to showcase some great experience, so it fits perfectly.

In a few days the site got quite a buzz and has been already featured on , PSFK , DesignTaxi (click to see the reviews) and some others worldwide (A large Brazilian teh site etc.)

I haven't done anything to promote it. I am very creative but when it comes to online marketing I am a newbie.

Do you have any specific suggestions (besides the typical, submitting to big sites etc.) I tried Reddit but not sure with a new account will get any publicity.

Would love your suggestions and please stay into the topic

Thank you !
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