YouTube algorithm change?

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I've been having some success ranking vids very quickly using YT editor and the usual onpage SEO coupled with high retention views. Vids would get to Google page 1 within minutes but now it's all changed and it seems those techniques are just not working. Worse - some of my vids seem to have been sandboxed - not appearing anywhere in searches for low comp keywords, despite modest views, likes, keywords in description and title, YT backlinks.

I have been exploring using ranked videos as advertising platforms for offline businesses and so would like to get on top of this.
Does anyone know if it's worth joining the High Voltage Video Forum to get advice on this sort of stuff? Any other insights or suggestions? Thank you.
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    I've been trying to rank like 10-20 vidoes, started a month ago, using different techniques on everyone.

    None of them are in the SERP for the main KW yet.
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    This happens with my videos too, i seriously don't understand why they changed their algorithms on daily basis... Gross !!!
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    I guess you need to find the perfect mix? I've had videos on the first page "how to make money online" and other search terms which hundred of thousands of results. There are other tricks other than just focusing on search terms.

    I learnt that over the space of a couple of months of reading different tips and tricks from different sources.
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    Thank you for the comments - I'm sort-of glad I'm not the only one. Lewis T - without giving anything proprietary away, can you give us any hints about the techniques you've found are working for you? (There could be a WSO in this maybe..!) I'm currently testing Adwords for video to see if that helps.

    And another thing: after uploading a 1min video for a fairly obscure keyword yesterday, within a few hours I discovered it on someone else's channel (someone with a name in Russian script), AND it was ranking ahead of mine for my keyword, but had no description (unlike mine). It looks like my Russian friend has a lot of videos from other sources. What's going on here then?
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