Using reddit to drive free massive traffic - a begginer's guide

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Reddit has over one billion pageviews a month, and the front page post can receive over 40 000 uv in a matter of a few hours. So you just have to get to the front page of the Reddit and get thousands of visits, piece of cake, right?

Wrong. Reddit has one of the pickiest audiences in the world of social bookmarking. Your post will more likely get downvoted then upvoted. You need to have excellent content, even more, you need to have the content redditors think is excellent. How do you know that? You don't, you can spend years on reddit and you still won't be able to get the perfect post to hit the front page. And you may get your second post to get thousands of upvotes.
The question is - how to get the traffic? You can post anything you want, depending on individual subreddit rules. Subreddits are smaller fractions of Reddit with specific themes: nsfw, funny, wtf etc. Every one has different regulations and moderators. You can't start posting right away; in the beginning you will have a cool off period between posts and comments, usually ten minutes.

You can't just pick a subreddit and start spamming there. If you get your link to pass the spam filter, you will get some traffic, but you will be downvoted soon. If you keep spamming, you can get banned (you won't even know you are banned because you will be able to see your posts and comments, you and nobody else), but you can create another profile quite easily, they don't even require email confirmation. However, you can get your IP banned, as well as your site's link if you are persistent.
The right and much more difficult way is to create your own subreddit. Here is how you do it.
First click create new subreddit button on the front page

Then fill in the information you need, here is an example.

Now you have your own subreddit. The address of this one we're making as an example is
Then you start posting, here you are the boss and you can't get banned. Exept you overdo it and someone reports you to reddit. So try and get some links other then your own.
Now you get people to notice your subreddit. You can get the button to your site, send mail to other users inviting them to post on your subreddit and get similar subreddits to place links to your subreddit on their pages.
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