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As a young marketing student i don't know what Google+ wanted to achieve when they took part in Youtube, a lot of people get frustrated because they have to fill in their Google+ account, while hardly anyone of my age uses this social media website. What do you think?
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    Google + setups are quite simple !! But i agree their mobile version needs to improve like facebook.
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    I'm not a big fan of it myself but will have to live with it. What I think is worse that the comments ranking is now based on the number of responses - so you can get some real negative comments becoming the top comments. And I don't like the linking out you can do on comments.
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    Google is just locking down Youtube for only Google+ users, so Facebook users can't just use the best of their services for no cost as was the situation before.

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  • Google created G+ get a piece of the social media pie and they sweetened the pot by making content promoted and shared on G+ have a more prominent standing on their search results.

    Integrating G+ to Youtube, which is a nuisance for a lot of us, was actually a strategy for Google to encourage (force) people to use their services primarily. So even if most of the guys your age don't use G+, you're forced to if you want to use YouTube.

    Just think of it this way. If most of the products you use come from them, why would you go somewhere else. I think that was their idea.
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    I like and hate the merging of these two:

    From a marketing point of view it's great because if you link your website to G+ and your Youtube account is linked to G+ also you get a lot of SEO benefit to your website when using Youtube and G+.

    From a personal point of view it is one more step towards total surveillance on the internet.
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    Google+ and you-tube are very helpful to increase the traffic and backlink for the website.
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    Every growing site on internet does that, they want to give more promotion to their Google + platform,
    Pinterest used to offer signup only through facebook and twitter in start ..
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