How to start using Facebook for business?

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I have a brick and mortar business and I feel I am missing out on Facebook, we have a company page etc, but I do not know how to use it to the best advantage.

Can anyone tell me what is best? To get followers and market to them or to get into a group and market to them, or what?

I am completely new and have no clue Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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    Ok well getting exposure to an offline business through social media is a bit of a different game, as for the construction of the site you want to let people know at al times where your business is located.

    You might want to consider creating business cards with the Facebook page on them, creating Facebook ads for your city targeting your desired audience.

    Creating an ad on Facebook is easy and inexpensive especially for local businesses, also Facebook loves it when you link to a Facebook page, they approve your ads every time.

    But more importantly there is no substitute to valuable and engaging content, if you can not personally post on your FB page have someone else do it for you but you must keep people engaged and entertained...

    A very good example of this if McDonald's, check out their Facebook page for a quick outline of how to build and market an effective Facebook page
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    In my experience having followers and marketing to them on my own fanpage works a lot better. I've posted in groups before without much response, and there tends to be a lot of spam going on in many groups. So it feels like many times valuable content I've posted is not even seen.

    On your fanpage, you can make it your own, and draw the people to your business who are interested in what you are offering. If you have a blog, or do any kind of video marketing or something like that where you share value to the marketplace, then post new blogs posts/videos on your page frequently.

    Or, you can also post related quotes/images/questions to get some interaction on your page; people love quotes & images and love to answer questions.

    On your fanpage, you can also boost posts which I really like!

    ~* Sandy

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    First step is to start getting your existing customers to like your page...maybe add something to your receipt that says "Like us on Facebook for special offers!" and tell your customers verbally also. There are more advanced ways of doing this stuff, but that's the easy way to start. Getting your existing customers to give you more business is much easier than getting new customers. And once you have a base of existing customers on the page, it's easier to use it for bringing in new customers. So start there.
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    I'm starting a consulting business here in the states for brick and mortar businesses because there are so many who feel just like you.

    1. First thing you need to do is build a professional looking fanpage. I've received too many requests from businesses from who want me to like their mediocre fanpage. It's fairly cheap to get a professional page.

    2. Start getting fans and lock in your vanity name once your reach 25 fans. It's better for your business when you lock in your business name. Running ads to your target audience is simple when you know who your ideal customer is.

    3. Don't just post links to your website and boring stuff. That gets a like here and there. Find some compelling content that will excite your fans. Memes, questions, picture games, etc. create engagement.

    4. Reward new fans with deals. Setup a form of automation where they receive a special offer once they like your fanpage. This turns Facebook fans into loyal customers.

    5. Use Facebook offers to reach new and old fans. These go viral if you put enough budget behind them.

    These strategies can get a bit more in depth but that's the basics. Everything else is stuff I teach to clients.

    Inbox me if you have questions.
    "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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