Is AddThis Plug-In Nefarious?

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Hey Gang,

I have reason to believe that the "AddThis" Plugin may be up to nefarious activity.

I talked to a representative from "tee support" and they have a big article written on nefarious activity of AddThis --> How to Get Rid of virus and Addthis Toolbar malware (Removal Guide) - Tee Support Blog

Plus I did more research online -- and see people complaining about this plugin in more ways than one... plus they have only 3 out of 5 stars, and I found articles how plugins can steal affiliate commissions.

...So anyway, I'm just wondering if you guys have any thoughts on this, and any feedback on this?

Also if there's any "social sharing plugin" instead of "AddThis" that you guys have on your WordPress sites that your happy with? And you don't think anything Phishy is going on?

Happy Holidays
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