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    I think you should use Facebook Ads directly, without going to Fiverr. Facebook is not a fool. the same thing actually happened to me for the reason that i was asking a lot of friends to like my page. Facebook actually tracks your every move. Be natural in getting more likes
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      I agree that consistent ad campaigns will help. If you get likes from people engaging with your posts, count those as good luck. I've seen people spend more than $50,000 on ads promoting their posts to millions of people. They were paying around $5 to $10 per like. If you want more page likes, make global ads to get your engagement up. You can get the likes for nearly the same cost as the fake ones on fiverr.

      Thank you to the 400+ warriors that chose to buy my Facebook WSO granting lifetime access to my Udemy course!

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        Originally Posted by banwork View Post

        .... They were paying around $5 to $10 per like. ...
        $5 to $10 per like WOW.

        I am paying about $0.30 per like for US women 45-65 and I've been frustrated because I've seen people paying $0.03 per like, for the similar audience.

        How much is like actually worth?

        I would personally say that buying 'Likes' on the Fiverr is commercially meaningless, even if one gets 100,00 for $5. Nothing but stroking your own ego. What can one sell to virtual people?

        Guys With Brains Work for Guys With Balls. Guys With Balls Work for Luck.

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    I agree with both the comments above, paying Facebook is the way forward, the reason for the lack of growth on your page might be the fact that you have exhausted your niche. You need to analysis and study the audience on your page and understand weather it is the right crowd you were targeting. Fiver likes do not necessarily guarantee genuine likes, hence all though people might be sharing your post and commenting on it but your post might not be actually reaching out to newer audience. Two things you need to do.

    1) analysis your existing likes
    2) Understand weather you have exhausted your niche yet or not
    3) Run Facebook add campaigns specifically targeted/ catered towards your niche
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    @ Aurelijus! I think your problem is more likely because of Facebook EdgeRank algorithm.
    Aurelijus: Check this link for more details What Is EdgeRank? or
    Google it with keyword ''FaceBOOK EdgeRank''.

    Ali Alvie

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    You should definitely try paid advertising on Facebook.
    It has helped me so much

    Spent $12 - here is the result.

    Let me know if you need any help.
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      Thanks for the tips folks!

      As for the Fiverr - I didn't expect to get any leads from those "likes". I know they're fake. The reason I bought them is just for the looks of the page - when you come to visit a page and you see zero likes, there won't be much of the trust or interest to look further. I believe you discussed that in one of your threads @banwork

      I am working on your advices. Thanks.
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    This article series of 3 parts about how you can optimize your Facebook page and get more likes might help you out. Although not a direct answer to your question, it will help you get more likes once you have fixed the problem.

    - Dani
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    One way is to make the Facebook ads pay for themselves. I use a LeadPages tab on my Facebook page which offers a giveaway for an email sign up. I use the ads to direct traffic to the tab which has a fan gate on it. That accumulates the likes. At the end of the Leadpages sequence it sends them to a low priced ($10) affiliate offer which is in the same niche. Running a $10 a day campaign if I get one affiliate sale a day, it pays for itself.
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    have you checked out any FB software? There are a cpl good ones out there that don't put you in jail either for pretty cheap!
    Sean Agnew
    Email: seancagnew@gmail.com
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    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seancagnew
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      Do you mean like an autoposter or post scheduler?

      Originally Posted by sagnew13 View Post

      have you checked out any FB software? There are a cpl good ones out there that don't put you in jail either for pretty cheap!
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