How to name facebookpage?

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A client asked me to create a facebook page as addition to his rental site.
What's a better choice: or
Does it improve rankings if the fb page has the same name as the website and is linking back to the website, or is there no relation with se rankings?
I've never tested any of these options but maybe someone can tell me??

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    Do some keyword research and include low/normal competition keywords in the name. You should rank the facebook page easily for those keywords.
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      You can do it by keywords and make sure that the Facebook name is flushed with the url. You want people to be able to find both easily. I would find the best keyword that is closely related and go from there.

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    The name should yet depict the kind of services you are offering. Include a keyword so that the page reaches at some ranking in search engine.
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    Hi vmwebsites,

    Select one of main keywords which best describe your client's business and try to get vanity URL with keyword in it.
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    My choice is also for the best keywords which describes the client business..
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    Keep it simple. Use the company name after the slash (as long as it's available). Make sure you register the FB page also and fill out the "about" section with the website.

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    Are you confident with doing the Keyword Research... If not PM me the business and I can advise

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