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I have a client who someone setup like 15 Google+ pages for, all in different cities in New York. I tried to edit it today, and there was a warning from Google, saying I needed to verify the page before I could edit it, AND that I couldn't verify it because there were multiple copies of the same page.

Here's what the Google warning said;

"You site will not be shown by Google in search results until verified".

When I try to verify, it says (in a red warning);

"You cannot update this listing because it has been marked as a duplicate of another."

I've not dealt with this before, should they have multiples, or one "main" site that is used for all their locations? I certainly want to get their Google+ page indexed for searches...

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    Yeah, I ran into something similar when I was posting duplicate content on my business page and my personal page. Google+ is very particular with their restrictions. I actually got a violation of terms notice and they were threatening to shut down both my pages. Rather than have 15+ pages with duplicate content, it might be better to focus your efforts on creating a following on one page. That will help search ranking more anyway. If you have one page with 15000 followers, that speaks louder than 15 pages with 1000 followers.

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    I was also told by someone we can have multiple pages as long as they're all managed by the same Google mail account, not sure how accurate that would be.


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    Anyone else? Im still not sure how to go...


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    Are the Google+ pages being run individually, with separate content?

    Have the addresses for each page been validated using phone or address validation?
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      They all "look" the same but have their own reviews, circles, etc.. Most have no reviews, no friends, or any interaction.

      I'm not sure if they've been verified, I didn't set them up. Is there some way I can check?

      Thanks for your help!


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    Hi Nick,

    Better you go for one page instead of going for several pages with duplicate content. Google+ won't allow this.
    Also having one page with more followers will be far better than keeping several pages with fewer followers.
    Just to keep your client's page on safe side, make it one unless all (these several) pages have separate account. (and it will be difficult to manage all these several accounts)
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      Nick ( ALL), How do I find out about how to set up a Google+ site? My personal email goes to Gmail, my LLC goes to Godaddy's free email you get with you domain. I don't need both. I would like only a business one. Is Google going to like me better with a Gmail?
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    Does your client own a business with 15 locations in New York? If not, then you might want to simplify by focusing on just one main page, rather than spreading your efforts around. Also, the duplicate content has to go. If you decide to keep all your pages, then take time to update the information on each page so that it is unique and useful to the reader, rather than being a copy.

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