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I wanted to start a thread for people to post any tips they have learned about using Google+ for their business. To get the ball rolling, here are a few tips:
1. Join Communities
2. Engage Your Circles
3. Answer Questions You're Knowledgeable About
#google #tips
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    thanks for sharing these tips. I hope with these tips, my google plus follower will increase.
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    Create Google Plus Business Page and verify with your website
    Verify Authorship
    Share updates on Regular basis.
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    Like any other social media platform regular updates, more and more people added to your circles are the things which would work for me.
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    - Create and Verify listing in Google Plus. Listing should include Images, Description, Address, Phone Number, Payment options, operating hours etc.
    - Create Google Author Profile and link this to website.
    - Create citations in directories like yp.com, Judysbook.com, Kudzu.com etc. These sites help business to rank high in Google Maps on targeted keywords.
    - Some positive reviews for business help customers to know the reliability of your business. It's good to post some reviews in websites like sitejabber.com.
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  • Put G+ Authorship and Publisher markup to your site.
    Engage with your possible client by sharing great articles.
    Join communities and answer questions.
    Response to clients review.
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    Share quality content, engage with them regularly, create google business plus page, and claiming authorship is also necessary for strong business foundation.
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    Here are more useful tips:

    1 Claim Google Authorship with your personal Google+ profile;
    2 Make a direct connection between your business and your Google + page. The Google+ badge will help you link your Google+ page to your website.
    3. Use circles. Don't send all your updates to all your subscribers at once. Divide all your audience into circles and send specific updates to specific people. For example, if you want to reward your current clients with a special promotion, type in your copy and choose the "Clients" circle.
    4. Utilize tags, different fonts;
    5. Use Google+ as a tool for visual marketing.
    6. Host Google+ hangouts.
    7. Joint interesting communities and be active there; create and develop your own Google+ communities.
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      Great tips, I'll give it a try and see how it works for me. My Google+ could do with a little help
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    Use hashtags when necessary on Google +

    If you have a business page, get it verified
    ASAP so that your local SEO placement is
    on point. If you plan on using Buffer to
    syndicate your content, you can only
    add G+ pages (not personal profiles).
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    That's good,

    But I have some questions regarding:
    How we can target certain people to be added in our circle?
    How to keep your account Gplus we attract others to add to their circle?.
    and How can other people want to share with his friends about what we have shared towards that person.

    Thank you,
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    Create the Business page on Google plus. Update page regularly with the content that engage the circle user. Also sometimes host Google plus Hangouts too.

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    First of all the word you were looking for instead of "more good" would be "better"... second, if you are asking if it is better you need to state what you are comparing it to. For example, "Is google+ better than facebook? Even then you need to define what defines better or ask specific questions like "Does google+ handle video chatting better than facebook?"
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    All wealth is the product of labour
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      Yes you could join the communities post everyday new things about your business then you would get an good result about it.
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    Hi everyone,

    Till now google plus circle is my best source of traffic. If you just started google plus you might want to check this article just know few basic things about circle
    Manage google plus circles : Complete Guide Hope this help
    Have a nice day

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    On Google+, you have the unique opportunity to build a community of like minded people who love your product/niche. Talk to your fans/followers and those in your circles as if they are real people, not potential customers or someone who will just click through on your links. Take time to ask questions, ask for feedback, respond to comments. Find out what is important to these people and then tailor all your future status updates/posts/pages around those themes. Don't assume you know what your reader wants, you have to ask. In this way, you can leave the guess work at the door and get down to the heart of what they really need.

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