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Hey Guys,

I have recently started gaining quite a few subscribers on my YouTube channel which teaches people to build WordPress websites from scratch! I was wondering should I subscribe back to these people that have subscribed to me so my channel links out more? What do you guys do?

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    If you subscribe back to everyone that subscribes to you it mucks up your channel and also reduces authority. Some people pay attention to the number of subscribers versus the number of subscribed channels to see if you're legit or not.

    Personally, I automatically discount anyone who has a very high number of subscribed channels because it means the subscriptions aren't real and now I have to wonder what else is bogus.

    Give good stuff, be a real guy, video comment.

    Real experts are much more heavily followed than they are followers ... that's my .02 anyway.
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    Thanks a lot, you made some good points! I just thought it was worth asking!
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