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Hey Warriors! I just want to share strategies for Facebook Bidding.

Facebook Ads bidding strategy is an art and when people don’t use it wisely, they can definitely go wrong with it. This article will guide you for your bidding strategy on Facebook ads.

Note: Before doing this strategies, make sure you have the correct audiences to target.

When you advertise on Facebook, you take part in an auction system where you compete with other advertisers to get your ad delivered to the users you want to reach. The nature of an auction system is that prices reflect the demand. How you bid and what you bid is therefore critical to your success. That being said, prices are also being determined by dozens of other variables, a topic of it’s own that I’ll write about later. Here we’ll focus solely on bidding.

Start with a new FB Ad or Campaign

If you’re going to start a new FB ad or campaign, start with CPC ( Cost Per Click ).

Remember: If you’re targeting age from 30-45 (these people have more money than other age range – demographic research), Your Cost Per Click are going to cost more. Lots of company are going to advertise to them because they have more money.

Advertising to kids (18-28) will cost you cheap clicks because most likely they don’t have money and most companies don’t have interest in advertising to them.

Facebook Suggested Bid

Facebook is suggesting to bind from 0.72 to 1.05 USD. There are TWO strategies for this:

Two Strategies for Bidding.

Strategy A: Bid Super Low

Bid 5 cents, 10 cents, 12 cents or any lower cost you want then START the ad. Once Facebook approved the ad, you can wait 15-30 minutes. Check the status of your campaign and observe the impression.

Our Goal: To get more impressions by in incrementally increase the bid.

Incrementally increase the bid from 0.12 to 0.17 to 0.21 to 0.24 until you start getting impressions that you want. The higher you bid, the more impressions you will get from Facebook. The main point is that if you’re going to bid too high, you’re not sure if you can get revenue.

Strategy B: Bid 2-3 cents over the bottom bid

Our Goal: Chance not to get billed for 0.75 cents per click.

Suggested bid: 0.60

My bid: 0.62

You are ONLY paying: 0.24

Next step: Lower it down. From 0.62 to 0.42. After few hours the Avg. CPC will decrease. The trick of this process is that the lower you bid, the lower it will cost you.

The more you play with Facebook bidding, the more you’ll understand there’s a goofy system on Facebook.

Remember, you have your own daily budget and set it to whatever you want: $5, $10 and just observe the Ad stats. These two strategies works for me and it should work for you.

Happy bidding WARRIORS!
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    Are you Ryan Shaw?
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    Thanks for tip, I always underbid by at least 75 cents per click on average and get plenty of clicks, a lot of those social networks are not being truthful otherwise you wouldn't be able to get clicks so cheap. Their demand is not as high as most people think.
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      Bid sniping is probably the most obvious bidding strategy. Bid sniping involves placing a bid as late as possible within the auction closing time, typically within the last few minutes or seconds of an auction.
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    Thanks for the great post.

    I always find that bidding for $1 for CPC is fine, the price has never actually gone up to that for me. Then, I bring it down.
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    The problem is the increase cost!

    On last week, day 17/18 i detect price increase arround 30% and this week, on day 24/25 more 35%

    I invest large 5 digits per month and My business pass from +/- 200% ROI to 50%
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    • Something that's working for me is bidding
      5 to 10 cents above the suggested bid,
      as with any advertising platform whatever
      Max Bid Per Click you place, is *NOT* what
      you're going to pay
      , that's how much you're
      willing to pay. If you have a good CTR your
      CPC will be extremely low.

      This way I know my ad will get impressions,
      and clicks so I can properly measure everything
      before I scale the campaign. Your first couple
      of clicks will be expensive, but they will go down
      if you have a good ad and a good targeting.
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    Thanks for sharing great campaign biding strategy.
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    The bid super low is A good one.

    I always start small then try and scale if I see results.

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    Good tips.
    Face Book bidding is getting bit funny these days for me.
    "Gathering correct information and taking actions will boom your business.
    Never be afraid of failures and success will follow you"

    By My Unsung Guru and Mentor
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    i tried the manual bidding and guess what in 5 hours only 600 impression no clicks i switched to ocpm
    in less than 30 min 900 impression 5 clicks
    i dont know but facebook ads are tricky and pricy
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    I have a custom audience of 5800 people that I scraped from groups. Narrowed it down to women.

    Two ads. One CTR: 3.356% served to 873. The other: 0.171% served to 3029 people.

    It takes them to a tab in my page with a graphic and "Enter your email to watch the video and get the free ebook". No optins yet. Any advice for a newb?

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    I start low as well and work up in increments until I hit a desired impression.
    Nice post.

    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

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