Why the obsession with Facebook?

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As I look in this section I notice that 80% of the posts are about
Facebook. I have far greater success using other social media.

Do you actually do well using FB or is it you have not tried other
social media?

Just curious, not criticizing. I know some do well on FB.
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    WR, I've had success using Facebook. Like any network, the more you give through this channel, and connect with people, the more success you'll see. Sowing and reaping. Many folks try to USE Facebook to GET money instead of GIVING value through a channel, connecting with folks in an authentic fashion, and then of course, money will flow in easily.

    What social channels do you use?

    Thanks for asking the question, BTW
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      LinkedIn has been the best thing I have ever done. I get contacted weekly
      by people interested in my services. Been incredible. I put in the work
      for that to happen.

      I agree, most abuse social media and treat it like a craigslist ad.
      Small Business Marketing & Branding Specialist
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      Thanks for sharing your experience Ryan. I really appreciate it. We meet again here. I can see that you are very active in forums.
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  • LinkedIn > everything else. Of course that's not accurate but i have bad luck with facebook. I always think that people who go on facebook isn't really looking to buy anything. Same goes with twitter.
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    Face Book is widely used across globe, that's why probably every one want to take benefit from face book.
    However I have good success with Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.
    All of them work well.
    I think people will tend more to where they see some success already.
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      I have success on Facebook connecting with people and generating leads, plus it's a huge traffic source. Too big to be ignored.

      I have also been having success with Twitter, Pinterest, and recently StumbleUpon has been picking up steam

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    Because 1 out of 8 people in the world are on Facebook, and the 7 people who are not are either poor, old, young, or from China.
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    Facebook has be great for me but honestly, I haven't really tested other platforms as much as I should have.
    LinkedIn is something I really would like to start getting into but as far as I can see, it's more an online business card/CV than anything else.
    Anyone have any pointers about Linkedin?
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    I like to use Facebook.For me its a nice social media. I find here all my friends & easily communicate with them.I also get up great news from Facebook.Actually I can't live a day without facebook.I also use for some advertisement on facebook.So I can say not only communicate but also to do business on facebook.
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    Facebook is kind of like the wild west... like Google was before the banning. Google is still a mega hitter, but I've been excited about Facebook for the last 4 years. The niches, the opportunities the monetization methods... there's an endless amount of opportunity (and money) to be made with FB...

    Just as with any network/strategy/business model, it'll take some work, learning, and cracking of the code before things start to blow up for you.
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      Originally Posted by JCorp View Post

      Facebook is kind of like the wild west... like Google was before the banning. Google is still a mega hitter, but I've been excited about Facebook for the last 4 years. The niches, the opportunities the monetization methods... there's an endless amount of opportunity (and money) to be made with FB...

      Just as with any network/strategy/business model, it'll take some work, learning, and cracking of the code before things start to blow up for you.
      True, but that "FB is kind of like the wild west" thing is changing real quick. FB is becoming like google very fast, a real pain in the ass for marketers, for example, you cant even use custom audiences with teespring campaigns anymore, they will ban your ass... and the list goes on, now you can get banned for minimal stuff and you have to be very careful.
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        You need to give value and build relationships with people. I prefer Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest over Facebook although I do still use it.
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    Originally Posted by WhiteRhino View Post

    Do you actually do well using FB or is it you have not tried other
    social media?
    Facebook is what originally allowed me to never have to go back to a 9-5

    It might as well be my baby
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    It all depends on what you are selling. If you find a CPA and use it to make a quick buck on a high converting offer then it's okay, or if you own a business it's better to target local customers and gain access to their friend's list as they are local too. It's best to use WITH other social sites and integrate them.

    By now however a lot of FB has been spammed and taken over by click farms. Click farms will "like" anything to mask itself from FB. If FB saw that massive amounts of "likes" were going all at once from some foreign country to a business page in Miami FL. for instance, they would know it's a click farm. If they spread out their "likes" by liking millions of pages from around the world, then when they send traffic to the page in Miami it's not as suspicious.
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      Originally Posted by uniquedesignxx View Post

      facebook is a great social network to connect but have you tried linkedin? if you haven't, go give it a try and you will be just glad you did
      Mind explaining what exactly you're doing on LinkedIn?
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    I'm actually doing both well on Facebook and Twitter but I'm sure it also depends on where are you focusing on.

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    I gotten leads from Facebook, but no sales. I don't think I've made money from any social media outlet, but never really tried either. Social media is more back-end thing I use to build value and a following.

    However, Facebook is the number 1 or number 2 site in the world depending on which day it is. So that's why lots of marketers are on it or teaching how to profit from it.

    ...think I'll do the same this week.;-)
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    The fuss about FB is because it's a POWERFUL traffic source, just as Google is. But I love FB because of the targeting and it's fun to run campaigns on this platform. After I run a few campaigns, I go to my feed and see what everyone's up to... but that can be a negative for most people as that could easily eat up hours of your time just looking through your feeds
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    Facebook is the best .Its usefulness is great.If you use it properly you will get advantages.
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    According to me, Facebook is the best social media site I have ever come across. It allows me to communicate with my friends, family, colleagues and even new friends. We can share lots of things on this platform and Sir if you haven't tried it then just go for it you would seriously like it.
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    I been on facebook and doing well there.. to be honest I haven't tried anything else till now and I am very anxious to try anything new. Though the question is what is really successful on linkedin?
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    In marketing it is always the same... to each his own. Some "kill it" with TV appearances and TV ads, others do it with Radio, others with classifieds and believe it or not some make a boatload of cash with flyers.

    Online? There are email marketing evangelists, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, you name it someone claims and some are actually milking one source or another. So to your question why is FB the main squeeze in THIS social media forum? Hard to say except that it appears to be the best at allowing marketers to reach out to the networks of their close contacts or leads and that's pure gold for many people who can turn that into an income stream.

    Personally I'm doing better with FB now than any other medium I've tried in the past few years and that includes Twitter, Linkedin, General web and so on. FB is like turning on a traffic tap. It takes smarts to really get to the delish part of the flow but for me it appears to be far less work than any other marketing I've done (besides right here on the warrior forum back when it was a real nice place to hang out AND do business)
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    Yeah, facebook is quite hard for the marketers. But I absolutely agree - you can't simply ignore one of the most popular worldwide social media.
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    All the newbies to IM are more familiar with FB than anything else and FB is so open they can see others' success so they jump in the same boat without giving it a second thought, they're missing the fact that everything that shine isn't gold. So this is resulting to a lot of abuse to FB monetizing system hence FB is making it hard for everyone which is affecting the regular IMers who had it cracked before. IMO.
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    For sheer numbers (1.23B members) and ability to target niche demographics, Facebook works for me.
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    In my opinion Facebook HAD great potential but this new formula has really made it hard for businesses to target their entire audience. It's inefficient and I now prefer other social medias such as Twitter. Facebook is still useful though but nothing like it used to be.

    Motivation, Self-Improvement and Travel Blogs: http://yolodiary.com

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    For me so far, Twitter was one of my better social media platforms to use. I was building more leads with it and so on. But the dawning of "Buy 1,000 followers for $5.00" and so on with Twitter in my opinion has murdered twitter more and more with all these fake profiles out there.

    Facebook for me was a No No until the last several months where it's become my main point now to build clientele, leads, and sales as well. But indeed, it really depends on what you are marketing and how you're doing it in my opinion. However, the myth that "people that are on Facebook are NOT looking to buy anything" is false. I know several friends who have also used Facebook to great benefit with their marketing and it's made them some change that I wish I made, but even with that, I've made several more sales using it the last several months than I had ever done with Facebook in the past.

    So in my opinion, you CAN make money with Facebook, but it is about building leads, building with those leads and providing quality to them, providing excellent customer service and help, and so on. I've had quite a few people complimenting me on my ethic on FB lately and how I conduct business with them in that they've been sharing my info to others who have also hit me up as well.

    I've not yet tried Instagram, Pinterest, or others out there. I have tried LinkedIn but it's not fared too well in my niche at all, and with StumbleUpon, I haven't really tried it in over a year or two so I may need to check it out again.
    -- Absorbing & implementing. Need hip hop beats for your business needs? Hit me up!
    -- Posting my experiences and so forth with my own blog.
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  • Social media in general is a great place to promote, but with Facebook having over a billion monthly users, it is a great platform to get started with and master. Plus with Facebook advertising they have one of the most stat of the art platforms as well.

    Other social media sites are great and highly recommended, but they are not as large or as popular, so it take a little more strategic action to obtain the success you can with Facebook.

    All and all it's all preference, and which site best suits your business.
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    Facebook is the best social media.Now a days Facebook is not use only for communication also for business purpose.Peoples get the advantages from this media.So all are encourages to use this media & its popularity is increasing day by day.
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    It's all about your target audience. You have to use the same social media sites your audience does.

    If you are targeting teenagers then Facebook and Linkedin will be useless (they are on Twitter and Instagram). If your target audience is mostly middle aged females you want to be on Facebook, if they are professional males you want to be on LinkedIn, etc.
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    If you are doing B2B and looking to target people like company owners LinkedIn is the best. But for B2C there is no better option then Facebook. The reason is because they are on Facebook 24 hours a day.
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    I always neglected to use facebook for years I refused to get onto the hype well for my marketing anyway.... But as big as it is now days you its something you almost have to use with so many people on there. And for their advertising its some of the cheapest around.
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