fACEBOOK CPC so high !

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i am running FBads , using optimised cpc
having 6% CTR
but the click to website is costing me more than 1 dollar
everything was OK 2 days ago
is facebook facing problems or what !
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    Have you defined a max. cost pr. click in your campaign? Or do you let Facebook decide the price? I have rather limited experience with Facebook ads, but in my experience you have to set a max. amount per click, otherwise you will experience exactly what you are experience; The click price suddenly get very high.
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      What is your daily budget? Try setting it low, like $5 and see it the CPC goes down.

      FB is not like Google, etc. You are not bidding for clicks. If you use a low budget they have 24 hours to use up your budget so you get cheaper clicks.

      Try it, it works.

      Unless you're in a really competitive niche, that is.
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    try different angles for the audience, targeting different aspects of your offer demographics
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    I don't think they are having any problems. That is how OCPM works I guess. I use Facebook a lot, but haven't completely understood that little bugger. It can be Zukkie's "get rich overnight" button, I don't know.

    Recently I was running a test with that. My CPM started at $1 and in matter of minutes went up to $8 or so with decent CTR. $1 cpc at 6% CTR sounds worse than that.

    Sorry cannot offer any real help. Hope someone else will chime in and enlighten us.

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      There is definately an issue with FB at the moment, same thing has happened to me for the past two weeks, and I know of many people reporting the same problems. CPCs are rising sky high and ads not running at lower CPCs. Lets just hope this is a temporary thing.
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