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Is it best to host your blog content on Tumblr or WordPress? Why? Thanks!
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    I host my sites on WordPress and distribute the content via Tumblr.

    Tumblr makes it easier for content to go viral (reblogging), however you have far more themes, functionality and automation with WordPress.

    Barb Ling has a product on Tumblr that I find very useful, perhaps it's worth getting in touch with her, or doing a search for it.

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    Thanks, Sarah! I'll have to check out Barbara's product.
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    The Tumblr community is ravenous. If they love your idea/photos/posts, they will reblog and link to your content. If you have a very popular niche, you have the chance to reach an influential audience that would not be available just using your own Wordpress site, disconnected from any type of community.

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      Thanks a lot, Samuel! Great insights!
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    Wordpress because more than 80% webmaster use it.
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      Originally Posted by avowzone View Post

      Wordpress because more than 80% webmaster use it.

      You are right and only wordpress is great and provide you a lot's of plugins which reduce work, Non IT professional can easily work in WordPress, SEO work is also great through plugins.

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        Wordpress is way way better, coming from my stand point. There are thousands of various plugins that you can use and social bookmarking is way easier.
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    Tumblr is technically a blog platform, practically it's a community like Reddit, but without it's heights.
    WodPress is better suited to host a blog. Simply, because it's easiest to manipulate and can be turned in to what ever you like. Also it has a vast community of people able to help with plugins, widgets and other technical difficulties one might experience.
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      Kind of information I was looking for. Thanks!
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        It's up to you want kind of audience or traffic you want to see your blog or sites and what kind of features do you want for your blog or sites. With Wordpress you get plugins and more themes but the best part is the plugins because these are so helpful in making your sites better from customizing to help you get ranked in Google Search Engine more simpler or help your optimize your blog or sites better like SEO plugins but the audience you get varies.

        With Tumblr you won't get much flexibility from customizing and themes but mostly you are limit it in using Tumblr as a free user only if you are paid user but the audience or the traffic you get are people age from 25 to 35 or even older people so people who you might be interest in having to look at your blog or sites if it's something about making money online.

        Hope this helps. : )
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    WordPress is More Customizable Than Tumblr

    WordPress has huge advantages on customizability. It allows users to customize their blog looks, layouts, colors, and contents. With a large group of developers and designers who complete a huge number of themes, users can easily choose their favorite themes in the community and other sites.

    On Tumblr, users can only customize the colors of the blogs. If they want to change the themes, they need to pay extra money for it.

    WordPress VS Tumblr – Both Good for Social Integration

    A WordPress blog is an independent website. If customers want to share the content with others, they need to add social sharing plugins. At present, there are many sharing plugins available, which integrate with many networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

    As a part of social networking, Tumblr is excellent on social network sharing. It’s a good option to share within Tumblr community. On the other hand, there are also widgets which can link to other social networks.

    WordPress VS Tumblr – Overall Comparison

    With the advantages on cost, ease of use, plugins, themes, support, WordPress is widely used by more than 25% of the new websites worldwide, and powering over 15% of Alex Internet’s “Top 1 Million” websites. While Tumblr is also welcomed by thousands of users, and serving over 125 million users. We can see the differences between WordPress VS Tumblr in the following table.

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      Fantastic! Thanks for the help.
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    Tumblr would help a lot with your SEO, since your content gets viral much easier.
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    I like WordPress because my only reason to use both of them is content marketing by blogging and WordPress is best in it.
    here is my blog

    Enjoy Life.

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    WordPress is user friendly. it’s a platform that gives you all of the necessary tools to host your blog, with text editors, blog analytics.
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    Why not use both? Set up a Wordpress site and use a Tumblr blog to drive traffic to it.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    Depends on your content. Tumblr is good for photos. However trying to actually blog and post articles on tumblr is hopeless.

    Wordpress & Blogger are better for more conventional blogs.
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      Originally Posted by CrownTheKing View Post

      Depends on your content. Tumblr is good for photos. However trying to actually blog and post articles on tumblr is hopeless.

      Wordpress & Blogger are better for more conventional blogs.
      I agree with this. choosing where to host your blog will depend on your content. tumblr is really great for making your content viral. also tumblr would be better for visuals. while in wordpress you get the conventional blogging.
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    It depends on what you mean by "better"
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    Tumbler and word press both are good
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    The Tumblr community can have a bit of a reputation, but if you want to spread content out, it's a much faster option than Wordpress I'd say.
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    Tumblr is better for SEO than a stand alone Wordpress site as Tumblr has more credibility with Google search than a brand new site. If you are talking about Wordpress.com, versus a stand alone wordpress site, then you have equal SEO on either Wordpress.com or Tumblr. Both are good for getting ranked.
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