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by lisi
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Hi everyone, I'm a newbie, so please go easy on me This is going to be kind of long.

I'm noticing that whenever I get followers, they're not showing up on my follower count, or they will show up then disappear. Let me backtrack. I have a good amount of followers, in the 5 figure 1000's, and I used to get about 50 to 100 or more followers a day, all through great pinning, which I worked hard for to increase my reach. Then something happened between me and a very popular blogger and I started getting harassed stealthily. Shortly after this happened, I started to notice a decrease in followers, but I figured it was just a slow time.. Then I began to notice that my follower count was only showing maybe 1 follower tacked on a day, even though I received 20 plus email notifications of followers each day.

After a while of this, I contacted pinterest help and explained what was happening. I received a very terse and cold response saying my account was fine and adding the followers as they followed me. When I tried to show her, very nicely, I might add, some proof of how it wasn't fine, she closed the request then forbid me for a few days to ask another question. I was flabbergasted, but decided to just let it go and hope whatever it was stopped and went back to normal.

Well, it hasn't..and it's gotten worse. I've been watching the numbers for over a month now, and people who follow all of my boards (which is rare since I have a lot of boards) register when they follow me, but the big haul, the people who follow only one to several boards, do not register in my follower count at all..ever, and if they do, it's taken off almost immediately. Then I asked some friends to help me test this..and this was the true revelation that kind of sealed that something fishy is going on. Me and one friend each got 5 friends to follow only some of our boards all at the same time. Friend's follower account immediately recorded all 5 followers, while mine recorded none. Then we did it again with another 5 friends, and the same thing. I only got one tack on and she got all, 10 total.

So, in retrospect, from 50 plus to 100 plus followers a day, to maybe 1 or 2 followers a day showing up in my follower count, even though the email notifications are 20 plus. I'm worried powerful blogger has something to do with this, since she is well-connected, and could be connected with some of the techies at Pinterest. It's almost like I've been secretly sandboxed. I don't know what to do or where to go for help, because I'm afraid if I try to point it out in the help center again, in hopes of everything returning to normal, things will get worse for me. I'm sorry this was so long, but I'm kind of desperate now
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    I've had followers come and go. Usually what's happening is one of 2 things:

    The follower is a bot, pinterest finds out, and removes the account.

    Or, you are pinning too many pins that are not relevant to the people who are following you, and they're annoyed enough to unfollow you. In this case, slow down with the amount of pins you're creating and/or find followers that share the interests of your boards.

    Beat the competition with better long tail keywords:

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      Originally Posted by Jason Stewart View Post

      I've had followers come and go. Usually what's happening is one of 2 things:

      The follower is a bot, pinterest finds out, and removes the account.

      Or, you are pinning too many pins that are not relevant to the people who are following you, and they're annoyed enough to unfollow you. In this case, slow down with the amount of pins you're creating and/or find followers that share the interests of your boards.
      Hi, Jason! Thanks so much for our response. Normally I would agree with all of the above, but,

      1) I'm a food niche, so all of my followers are there for food and nothing has changed as far a the amount of pinning and quality of food pins.

      2) The test I did with a friend, where we both had 5 legitimate accounts of friends follow us at the same time, then another 5 a few days later, and their follows only showed up in her number count. So her follower number increased by 10, while my follower number only increased by one or two.

      This has been happening for about two months. I reckon my follower account has only increased by 40 in that time, when it used to be several hundred a month.
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        Hey Lisi,

        I have the same exact problem on Pinterest. It started back in April and I immediately contacted Pinterest. This was one of many, many conversations with their tech team- all of which was to no avail.

        Finally full of frustration and a crushed heart because just like you I had worked very hard to build my Pinterest account to what it is- I started a new account with the same pins. Only to find it is happening again. I'm really upset about this; maybe it is something corrupt with one of the pins? I don't know- Pinterest is absolutely NO help. Its incredible that a company worth $3.8 Billion has pathetic tech support; the worst for any tech company I have ever contacted.

        Anyone out there in cyber world have a solution? You'll make my whole week!
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    I think Jason Stewart has a point.

    I had something similar happen with a pinterest account, in that it was not showing in searches, for boards, profile name, etc., we stopped pinning completely for a couple of weeks, and then everything went back to normal. it is kinda like Pinterest think your account is a spam account, and do everything they can to make things difficult for you!

    I am not saying that this will solve the problem, as it is a different issue, but might be worth trying.
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      Long delay, but thanks for the replies everyone. For a bit, my follower count seemed back to normal, meaning it correlated with the follower email alerts I got, but the past several months it's been pretty consistently back to the bad way - maybe gaining 5 followers a day or less, even though my email alerts show 50 plus. Plus, the minute my follower count goes up one, within a 15 minutes it goes down two or three, almost like someone is messing with my account. Most noticeably, my follower count only seems to increase when pinners follow all of my boards. When they follow one or just a few, my follower count stays the increase. Today I got 75 new followers. My follower count only increased by two. No idea what to do anymore.
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    I wouldn't worry about follower count. Do the best you can for the target you want
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      Thanks, Wade. I've been pinning amazing pins for my niche since my first pin, and that won't change regardless of whatever the hell is going on with my follower count
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    Always share cool and interesting pins, you will get followers organically.

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      Thank you, TSM and flyingskill TSM - I know you get more people who follow just a few boards instead of all of your boards, but those people are not being recorded in my main front page follower count. My main follower account only increases when someone follows all of my boards, so even though the former is supposed to be counted, mine are not being counted.

      flyingskill- My main follower account # is 5 figures, but I accumulated most of those before the smart feed was put into play. I used to get 100 plus followers a day, now only 5 or 10 at most, even though my email alerts show almost 100 new followers a day, but I suppose it's because the people who only follow one or a few boards are no longer being counted for me, although they still are for everyone else. I pin really well..about 50 to 100 per day, and to a lot of high follower group boards too.
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    May be you are posting useless pins.
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    I had an account that was labeled as spam and they blocked my website. It was a beauty blog and there was nothing on my site that should have been considered spam. I opened up a new account to pin for my Avon business and now I'm getting notifications of new followers but the followers are not showing up. I contacted them by email a couple of times but no answer. I am thinking about giving up on Pinterest all together. It is too much of a hassle.
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    No worries dude, I'm a newbie too, but judging by the post date you're a vet by now!
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    if you are posting a worthless pins then your followers may unfollow try to put some useful content that you can able to get many followers.

    We launch your ideas to the world.

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    If you are pinning more than three pins within a minute then you are overdoing it, which can annoy your audience and they may end up Unfollowing you. One way to fix this problem is to make a secret board and to add pins to it before you publish it.
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