I admin over 620,000+ facebook fans

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Alright so I now admin over 620,000 fans on Facebook and that number is growing each day.

For the past 2 1/2 years I've invested a lot of my time into Facebook marketing and I've found 3 simple strategies that work in a majority of larger niches (photography, gaming, politics, sports, etc.)

Now these strategies likely won't achieve the same results for a mom and pop shop, but they could be a great lead into a business.

1. Photos, content + links rock. Instead of just sharing a photo, consider going a bit more indepth with each post.

Here's a good example: https://www.facebook.com/AmazingW0rl...0292322688531/

December Daylight. Kaldfjord, Norway.

Join our Page -► Amazing World ◄- For more amazing photos!

Photographer's Description:

"During the winter the sun never rises above the mountains in Northern Norway. This photo was taken on the 27'th of december shortly after 14' o'clock. The pinkish clouds reflect the sunlight in the south while the night sky is approaching quickly from the north."

Photographer: Stig-Lennart Sørensen

Portfolio: http://500px.com/Atomsmurf
2. The images used for the link matter A LOT. Now that Facebook has updated it's appearance links show a bit more heavily with a graphic.

Here's another example: https://www.facebook.com/IFeakingLov...?stream_ref=10

The graphic used for this is

3. Anything new is good. This is where viral activity lies on all social networks really.. anything that is new tends to be shared much more quickly.

An example of this would be similar to the previous example where I shared a link to a new element (117).

Connecting old + new can add even more virality.

For example, I run a Halo page and the newest element is Element 117. The main character in Halo is John 117 aka Master Chief. Doing something cool with the 2 would be another way to create interest.

Final Thoughts

These 3 small tips have changed my life and many others over the years. I've been able to use my audiences to help people get jobs at Microsoft, Google and partnerships with companies like MLG, IGN and other organizations. Outside of that I've been able to reach a mass audience which allows me to really understand an industry so that I can make sales and build products that sell.

Share your favorite tips below. Of course there are plenty I left out like how the page name matters, the profile picture, the timing, the links promoted, the type of community, the niche and so much more. But these 3 alone have made the largest impact.
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    Thanks for the tips. Working models/examples definitely improves the "legit" factor.
    Good info. *thumb up*

    <Thanks> button engaged.


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      Originally Posted by LastWarrior View Post

      Thanks for the tips. Working models/examples definitely improves the "legit" factor.
      Good info. *thumb up*

      <Thanks> button engaged.

      I only provide info on things I've personally experienced myself

      There are very few posts I make where I'm just speculating.

      I feel that proof is necessary (at least for me) to help someone else achieve results.

      My name is Justin Lewis, with Business Optimizer I've been in business for 6 years online with multiple six figure years, here are the tools that have helped me the most: Increase your reviews with this free Review Handout

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    are you offering help with network marketing businesses?
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    Very usefull infomation. Which is important is Picture shoud plus with content
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    Thanks for sharing, how many likes did you have when you started 2.5 years ago?
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    wow huge number , social media is one of the popular way used in marketing today, even those big company are have social media account they know competition now are globally to reach it out by online social media, thanks for sharing your experience now we can use that in our own fan page..
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    Good stuff. Have you considered adding a course at Udemy?
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