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can anyone explain this site
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    What do you need to know? Its just like Instagram, social photo sharing network, video's, groups and link sharing..
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    Best way is to sign up for it and use it urself to understand how it works.
    Basically you pin images onto boards.

    Create boards and add images onto it.
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    You could start by asking in the correct sub-forum Social Media

    But do you really need to have the site explained to you??


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      Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

      But do you really need to have the site explained to you??

      Some people do apparently...
      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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    Pinterest is another social network, letting users share their passions and hobbies through photos, rather than words. There is a space for members to make comments on photos and this part of the site ties it all together, making it very social. To monetize this type of site or make it produce traffic, you will need to carefully cultivate your Pinterest boards and get followers who will repin your content.

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      pinterest consists of boards that are actually collections you are interested in. you pin your favorites and you choose which board the thing belongs to. you can visit their site. join pinterest and go to "about pinterest." theres a short video on how to use pinterest and its really cute. theres also an interactive how to below the video. it only has three steps then you can get started because thats really easy.
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    Your demographic is going to be women in their thirties. These women LOVE to shop. If you're set up to handle this kind of traffic (way down in the bottom of the sales funnel), then you're going to do very well on pinterest!

    Beat the competition with better long tail keywords:


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    Pinterest is so easy to do, and my topics target men. Not only do you get a lot of referral traffic, you can get a gigantic boost in the the serps.

    I had a site go from 5 views a day, up to close to 200 within a month. And yes, I'm converting sales too.

    You want followers, and its easy to get. Follow people, and you'll get followers back. Don't go over 300 a day or you'll get banned.

    But it's all about getting re-pins and even likes help. If you get these things, then you'll do really well.

    But there's a really easy way to do this, and that's with viralwoot.
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    Pinterest is a social networking site that promotes websites using photos (pins).
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    The most cool aspect of Pinterest is the fact that you can link images to any webpage you like. The only negative aspect of that is that Pinterest don't like affiliate links , but there are ways around that. You can build your products and services into a WordPress.org site and promote the site. People can then buy your products and services from that WordPress site - which you can promote wherever you like

    Hope this helps

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    Twitter: @DaveVerney

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    Look around on Pinterest and see what type of photos are popular and getting the most pins/repins and views. If you can specialize in that niche, then do so, especially if it matches the content of one of your existing sites.
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    It's an online pinboard, photo sharing website which is popular among woman....


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    is a place where you share images that you like (named pins), you can create boards(groups of images), like other people boards or pins and follow other people. I think if you visit the site you'll get a better idea about how it works and what it is.
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    Pinterest is an online pinboard, a visual take on the social bookmarking site. Unlike other social bookmarking sites, such as Digg and StumbleUpon, content shared on Pinterest is driven entirely by visuals. In fact, you can’t share something on Pinterest unless an image is involved.

    Like every other social media site, Pinterest has its own lingo:

    When you share something on Pinterest, each bookmark is called a pin.

    When you share someone else’s pin on Pinterest, it’s called a repin.

    You group pins together by topic onto various boards or pinboards in your profile. Each board mimics a real-life pinboard.

    You can share images you find online, or you can directly upload images onto Pinterest. Using the Pin It button, you can share directly in your browser from any web page. You can also share your pins on Twitter and Facebook.
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