Instagram or Pinterest?

by anik73
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Hello guys,
Instagram or Pinterest who has the best traffic now? which one do you suggest if someone wants to sell t-shirts online?
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    Instagram works better for me.
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    Both work well. It depends on the type of t-shirts that you sell. If it is in a niche that is popular it will sell, especially if it has a good design and slogan.
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    Id use both. I am more of an Instagram person but I just started getting use to Pinterest.
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    Anik - Seeing that you've been a member since 2013 you should know that this is not the correct forum for Social Media Threads:
    They go here: Social Media
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    Depends on what type your readers/audience are.

    Find out if your audience hangs out more on pinterest or more on instagram.

    Personally for my business I use pinterest.
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      Originally Posted by Najat Engineer View Post

      Test them both and see how it goes
      I think this is the best advice you are going to get. I agree totally with Najat here. If you're selling with images, you need to be using both. Then you will know which one works best.

      Hope this helps
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    Both are good but for me Pinterest works better.
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    I use Pinterest and i make Up to $875 per month using pinterest.
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    Pinterest is good if you wanna target women.....


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    For me they are both the best for website traffic.

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    Pinterest working well for me. I am getting traffic from there.
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    I honestly prefer Instagram. For me, it seems to get my site more traffic than Pinterest.
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    I have both Instagram and Pinterest on my smart phone and tablet but I must admit that Instagram works better for me.I only use Pinterest to look for stuff that might come in handy for me in the future so i pin it to my folders and that's basically it. With Instagram, I get to share my photos with more people with the help of the right hashtag. I also find it easier to gain popularity and audience in Instagram as compared to Pinterest.
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    I feel Instagram drives much better traffic. Has an easier interface to get around also IMO
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    I'm honestly as undecided as you. I like Instagram's simplicity and reach, but when I want diversity and alternatives, I go with Pinterest.
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  • Both are very effective for generate traffic in webpages.
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    Instagram works fine for me.
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    Depends on your target audience.

    But you never know... you might find a group of passionate people at Pinterest that you would have thought more likely over at Instagram. And vice versa.

    People have said it before, but I'll say it again... test both markets and go from there.
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    Now Instagram is become most popular as compare to Pinterest.


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    Both works good but tbh I prefer twitter!
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    Pinterest works great for me as I get most of my traffic there
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    My experience shows that Pinterest is better than Instagram.
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    Instagram has 130 million active, monthly users with 50 per cent of them outside the United States, where as Pinterest has 70 million users.

    Instagram is better than Pinterest to get more traffic.
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    If it is are women then pinterest or if it is general, then you can use both. The age people targeting is same in both.

    Blogger in key difference

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    Doesn't seem like a one-or-the-other kind of assessment to me, it only takes a few extra minutes to do both.
    Why choose one vs. the other?
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    Instagram will work well if you have a following and using the right Hashtags. But Pinterest is definitely some of the best Viral Traffic you can get.

    The thing that is different is that Instagram has almost 200 million monthly users. Where Pinterest has 70 million monthly users.

    Both are outstanding it really just depends on your niche TShirt.

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    We prefer Instagram over Pinterest.

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