Make the warroom worth the $$$

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Since the warroom is now 100 bucks a year we should make it worth that money. As it is now it is just a depository for unwanted WSO's whose owners are hopping to get a sign up on the secondary.

I think that freelancer should just have their IT department put up some subcategories in the warroom so we can have discussions. Real discussions about strategies and whatnot.

For the price being charged we should have some real good threads instead of something like. "I have $50.00 to invest, what should I do" or "I have a list of 15 million subscribers, how do I monetize it?"

I was lucky to get in before the price increase, but, if I were to have paid $100.00 I would be pretty pissed right now.

If you are going to charge that kind of money, make it worth the visit

Thats all, thanks for listening

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    Exactly agmccall, I assumed that, and that's why I didn't joined the War room yet.
    How much was the price before?
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      I can not remember exactly but it was around 30 bucks for life


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        I think the price was 47.00 I paid.

        Great suggestion Al I think.


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          A long, long time ago - it was $20. That did not last very long.
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    FWIW, a couple of years ago I paid $37 for 20 years. I think $100 a year is asking too much so I am in agreement with the OP, I believe more value should be added to the War Room if the price is going to remain at $100 a year.


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