Can't sign in automatically with this new login.

by ncloud
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Just wanted to say that I, for one, don't like this new login. It won't let me sign in automatically anymore with Keepass.

I know, it's horrible right? I have to type in my username and password every time I come here.

Maybe they could do something about that.
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    I have not experience such login problems with the new design.

    I do have to login every time I close and open my browser - but my login details are saved

    I am using Mozilla Firefox, by the way.

    What web browser are you using?
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    Thanks for bringing up to our attention.

    I, personally, use Google Chrome and don't seem to have any problems now.

    I'm automatically logged in whenever I open GC's tab.

    Perhaps, it's a Keepass issue?

    Please try to use a different browser and let us know if the result is the same.
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    Hmm, I use lastpass all the time with it and it works fine.
    Did keepass used to work with it?
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    Yes keepass used to work with the old login, but when they changed the login it stopped working. Keepass still puts my username and password in the fields, but when I hit the login button it doesn't accept them, even though I end up typing the exact same things manually in their place. When I manually type them in it accepts them.

    I use firefox and I also tried it with IE and it does the same thing. I think with some websites your browser can remember your login details for you. I'm not sure if it does that at the warrior forum or not. I didn't see a box to check for it to remember my login data, but if it does, that could be why it works for some people. I don't use that feature because I delete my cookies and temp files occasionally and it ends up getting deleted. And with Keepass I never had to.
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    Ok, I think I understand what you mean. Sounds like it's an issue with the validator returning invalid by default and it not running unless there is a key stroke.

    We'll get someone on it when they have time next.
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