New members be patient with approval of posting time and apology

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It seems that my posts today, (I am a brand new member) took way longer than a minute to find their way into the forum. Could be cause I am new.

So I reposted similar threads thinking it wasn't "taking" (working).

Then I got an email saying my post was removed. I assumed it was the very one that did get approved and it even had a response. The reason was that the question was unclear.

So I posted a more elaborate version with "scenario".

Then I got an email telling me that I already posted this subject so there was no reason to do it again. It only happened the last time however because I was informed of one being removed.

I apologize to the Admins. There was no way of knowing that it may take that long to get them live.

Also to any new members, be patient-the grayed out screen of your post just means it's in line for approval or denial.
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    Don't worry about it. All new threads need to be approved, but the time it takes depends on how many mods are on duty. Yours probably got caught up in the crossover.

    Anyway, seems your thread is now up and running. Welcome to the forum.
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    Thank you . . . I love it so far!
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    I've started posting again after I've paused for about 2 years.

    I see a 2-3 month 'pause'... but not two years. Did you take a break or were you banned for rude replies?
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    Is all new threads are checking by online mods ?
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