(Lead Generation) Done For You Lead Generation Service For Bizopp/MMO/IM Marketers!
AllanMungai 2 years ago

(Lead Generation) Done For You Lead Generation Service For Bizopp/MMO/IM Marketers!

HINT: It's NOT Solo Ads, SEO, Google or even Facebook Ads...

Buyer Leads For Bizopp/MMO/IM Marketers! - No Guesswork, No headaches, No Risk - It's 100% Done for you!

Would you like to automate your lead generation so that you don't have to work hard?

Continue reading and I'll show you how we can explode your internet business with hungry buyers!

Hi my name is Allan Mungai and I'm on a mission..

To put list building marketers on my finest built ,lead generation service program that took well about 13 Months to develop while spending thousands of dollars out of my own pocket split-testing and optimizing what I'm about to share with you...

I'm now able to generate volumes from 400+ buyer Leads for my clients who go on to promote all sorts of offers from ClickBank, WarriorPlus, Jvzoo etc.

But before it wasn't always as easy for my clients & myself here's why...

The Hard Way Building An Email List

It started when clients ordered my services to build them affiliate marketing funnels that could easily build a solid email list while promoting Clickbank, Jvzoo or WarriorPlus offers.

Clients from other services including mine kept coming back with two similar problems;

  1. Not being able optimize their funnel for conversions after setting up.
  2. Not knowing which traffic source to pick.
"Believe it when I say this means the difference between how much you might be losing money driving any traffic vs how quickly you build a profitable list!(more explained below)"
Since then this has been my mission... to help my clients build a solid email list quickly without wasting time or money doing it themselves the hard way.

The Easiest Way Building A Solid Email List

Instead of the headaches associated with hiring freelances to put up a funnel for you...
that will require you to keep coming back and take more money & time trying to optimize and split-test for better results everything yourself...
as if that's not all...
then risking your hard earned dollars on driving traffic to a funnel that you're unsure on how it will convert..

How would you like a complete done for you lead funnel - which let's you leverage up-to date lead generation tactics that does not involve giving away free stuff and filling your list with freebie seekers but instead builds you an engaged list of lead who are highly aware about buying from you from our best hand picked traffic source that allows you only pay for the lead instead of clicks?

The Qulality of Our DFY Leads is as follows:
  • 100% Tier 1 - We deliver leads from top GEOs United States/Canada
  • Permission Based Leads - We make sure every lead goes through optin and have sytems in place to track each optin (Ask for proof using contacts below)
  • Real Human Contacts with NO-Hard Bounce - We are aware of bot & fradulet traffic in the market, that is why we want you to win by sending emails only to existing contacts with no Typos or fake emails.
  • Engaged Audience - We use are ruthless about building you a list that will be highly responsive to your emails from follow up to broad cast because we've found a non-conforming method that shoots the opens & CTR through the roof.
But that is not all..

With Our DFY Lead Generation Service Here's What you can count:
  • ZERO Risk & No Headaches - We let use our highest converting lead funnel that we've spent thousands of dollars creating, split testing and optimizing with actual traffic.
  • No Guesswork - We source and hand pick the best performing traffic source in the market and qualify it to promte your offer & build your list.
  • Custom Support - Whether you're a beginner, a veteran or experienced we'll walk you through the each step of the way inorder to track your progress with the quickest response possible.
How To Start Building Your list?

Due to the nature of this service and obviously to keep high quality of our work we can only work with as many clients at a time, that is why I recommend you fill follow this link below to get more details...

  • Do I need a capture page?

    No, we'll provide you with our DFY lead funnel that we've spent thousands of dollars running traffic while constantly split testing and optimizing. This is also to save you the guesswork while trying to set up your own. (Contact allan@allanmartinaffiliate.com to ask for proof )

  • Do I need to buy traffic such as solo ads or other PPC?

    No, our packages sources out the traffic for you so that you don't have to go through finding the right traffic in the market for yourself. And yes our traffic is buyer traffic which converts to IM/MMO/BIZOPP offers.

  • What happens after I contact for placing my order?

    I will immediately have you sign a contract agreement for the undertaking, then send your $599 bill over PayPal and once it's completed, I'll set up your offer & list on my end and start running traffic on the scheduled date.

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