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Full Time Dedicated Virtual Assistant, who will be working only for you

10% Discount for first 2 months for WF Members Only

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We are Asia leading outsourcing company with over 200 web clients all enjoying top 10 Google placements. We decided to dedicate a new team of SEO full time and part time staff just for WF members.

As many top business coaches and entrepreneurs will tell you: do what you do best and outsource the rest! We are here to partner with you to give you more time to focus on what you do best. We can provide you Full time/Part time employees who can perform virtually any administrative task that a traditional secretary or administrative assistant would and more.

Working time: 8:00-12:00 am and 2:30 - 6:30 PM (GMT +8)

Working day: Monday to Friday and Saturday Morning (8:00-12:00)
, which is 44 hours / week

Pricing : US$400.00 - 450.00 (depending on levels of staffs )

Why we are different from other VA services?

1. Trained in Senuke, Scrapbox , The best spinner
2. Work in house ( not freelance ) and under supervised by managers

Our office: Singapore (HQ), Malaysia, China, Vietnam (Staff Hub)
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The following are a few examples of the most common jobs we perform for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Contact US:

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Ok so im running a months trial with global staff and so far i cant fault them on their communication and customer service. However i opted for the highest level VA at $550 per month (range is $400-550) and day 2 my report is for 8 articles submitted, 2 published , 1 with no backlinks or anchor text and 6 pending review. No im not new to SEO so this level of work for me is probably 10 minutes automated, but i could have submitted 100's of articles.

So i have queried this as a days work and will update you all on their daily work (considering im paying for 8.5 hours work per day) I will also update how my SERPS are progressing.

Ill update tomorrow on day 3 work.

LINK FOR the review
i tried them out for 2 weeks and was very impressed overall. I decided to discontinue based on niggling doubts that high pr blog commenting works, I had achieved most of my goals in those 2 weeks based on prior efforts, and I decided the money would be better spent paying for a writer to do blog posts.

That said the VA was responsive had good english and the customer sales people were very nice not pushy and when I decided to not to continue weren't mean at all.

If I had a larger budget these guys would be in the mix for sure.

link for this testimonial
I have hired Globolstaff for various link building tasks over the last few months, and I have been very happy with their work.

They are fast and prompt, efficient, and always provide a detailed and accurate report of completed work.

I recommend their services as they do a good job, and I know that when I hire them for a task it will be done correctly and on time.



Thought I would do a review, for you guys to see.

OK I started with tony at global, last week.
The communication is good and fast, I always find him online. I have far nothing but good things to say. The system they use works pretty well. They have managers that have more internet experience that start the work..and train sub workers that have less once they have them up to speed they can then turn them over to you. This works pretty well so if you have an issue than, you talk to the manager and they help you work out the details of what the issue is. They are creating accounts, posting on forums, excellent posts so far by the way! Adding accounts to my server for a program that i use that is delicate work...simple but no margin of error. So for my money..really good.

Now that said..I have a big reccommendation..get jing or some destop the work in go here, click here, if this happens click here, open email account associated with this task, confirm link here, etc. This will totally make the training a breeze and there is no margin of error. its in the video. biggest challenge for me was really iddentifing what i could outsource and what i need MY brain to do. PM me if you want any info. I should have done this a long time ago. Cheers,

So hope this helps..later

I've been working with Globolstaff for over 6 months, the experience has been refreshing. Joni has been very prompt with friendly and rapid communication. I have been able to get in touch with Globolstaff by email and Skype.

Most of the work has been outsourcing "tasks" from their basic list of services for both my own personal sites, and SEO Agency work. The tasks are always completed and the reporting promptly received.

I think the true power of using a VA however, is to design your own *system* of tasks needed and train one of their full time VA's to implement.

I've also worked with Globolstaff's partner company Citigo for custom Magento programming to my ecommerce site, the communication has been good, and issues being worked through.

Testimonial Link of this one
I spoke with them for about an hour tonight. With Tony and Cathy. Both seemed very polite and offered me a 2 day trial (refund available after two days).

They are finding me a personal VA to fit my needs. I'll keep you all updated.

Strongly recommended to work with GlobolStaff.

I've worked with this company through 2 months now and are becoming more happy every day for the very big decision it is to: transferring sensitive data to third person.

We started with a few small link building tasks and quickly on to part-time linkbuilder and will very soon upgrade to full-time because of great work every single day.

GlobolStaff has been very honest, sympathetic and incredibly friendly to work with the whole way. I am therefore very pleased that we will engage in constructive cooperation for a long time to come with several full-time VA's.

Thanks GS,
Your new friend from Denmark

Link for this testimonial
Okay my review on the service.

Tony (the sales manager) is a great guy and even though sometimes i don't fully understand he takes the time to explain everything. He then has some other people who contact me sometimes checking that everything is okay and organising the work for me and generally checking up on things (not too often and not too little).

I am currently employing 1 part time worker and 1 full time.
They are both really nice people and are working really hard. I trained them both within 2 hours and they both did great jobs and really listened and are producing some really good work and results and giving me reports if i require them too whenever i need them.

One of them is spamming a chat room for me and the other is creating profiles and pinging and digging them with a full daily report too.

Hopefully will be able to find some more work for another one soon

Link for This Review
I am a small business in Phoenix Arizona working with GlobolStaff, they have been very professional and timely. I have seen great results in the packages they have provided me. If you are looking to gain good search results I would highly recommend them! Link of this testimonial
Just wanted to give you guys an update with their services, I went ahead and tried these guys out

So far so good, this is day 3 I believe and they have been good with completing w/e it is I ask. If you can teach them they will do it, but they have also stepped beyond that by helping me implement things I was having trouble doing myself.

Its only 10 bucks a day!

I just hire a part timer staff, the support is really good.

The guy reply me in msn real fast and really friendly.

High quality of service + cheap.

Baoky Chen

Hey People,
I have been using this service for a little over 2 weeks. And what can i say it's excellent. They have an excellent structure. At the top of the structure is Tony, he is always on online. And is always willing to talk and answer questions. The team leaders are there if for some reason Tony is not available. The person i have hired is doing a great job and is always online to talk to. I couldn't be more pleased. Although it did start off a little slow. But that was expected. Now 2 weeks later. And things are great. I get a detailed report at the end of everyday.

The staff can pretty much do anything depending how well you can teach them. If people are hesitating about using this service. I have no idea why. The price is good. It saves you so much time. And it saves a lot of frustration by outsourcing boring tasks. I honestly won't be moving any time soon. I will be using them for atleast another 6 months i reckon.

If people are thinking about using them and want to ask me some questions. As i am using the service i am more then happy to help anyone. Just PM me.

Just a side note. I would love if they had a Article writer. That would be awesome


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Thank you

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