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by Dave d
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The Goal;

The goal is to have a niche authority blog with high quality content bringing in consistent daily traffic and revenue and for it to have high value at the end of 2018.


I have always flipped starter blogs quite well but becoming more and more tired of dealing with buyers of starter sites and keep promising myself never to flip starter blogs again.

Blogs with traffic and revenue can be flipped for quite a bit of money and it is a great asset to own, however it does require an investment of time and you need to be quite patient which is something I have always put off over other projects.

Now I have more time on my hands this year and I plan to see it fully through.

The Plan;

The plan is to write one article per day of at least 500 words, however I will be experimenting every now and then with longer more authoritative articles of around 2000-3000 words.

The Niche;

I have decided to go with the travel niche because of my experience in this area and the amount of travel I do, it makes it super easy to write about as well the particular region being very popular.

Progress So Far;

Well unfortunately this was to officially begin in 2018 and my progress has not been good. I have had issues with some offline business that caused a lot of unnecessary long distance travel back and forth and my routine has been all over the place.

However so far I have chosen the niche and the keywords I will target and wrote the first article of around 2500 words.

Next I will buy the domain and set up the blog, as I am more settled now I should be easily able to continue with an article a day.

I will update the thread accordingly.
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    I like the way you have laid out your plans in this post - very organized and easy for others to follow.
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    I understand your situation with the travel. Been there, done that. Interruptions are the norm here.

    Years ago I set up autoblogs and enjoyed it. I never did anything with them, but a few of them drew a lot of traffic, especially the one focused on IT jobs in North Carolina.

    I am sure I'm not telling you anything new, but for the newbies' sakes,

    The nice thing about blogs is that once you have them set up, you can pre-load the content and let it drip feed. If you write just one article a day, post them every other day for a while until you have a series that can be left in draft mode. Then, if you ever get interrupted again, in 5 minutes, you can assign them to auto-post every day or two while you are gone.

    Unless things have changed, Google gives more credibility to blogs that have quality content only two times a week over sites with poor content everyday.

    I discovered in autoblogging that just two quality articles each week drip-fed among the scraped content made the ratings of the blog go up much faster. (That was then, LOL)

    While it will take you a lot more time to make money on this blog, when you get ahead in articles being drip-fed, you can start another blog. Work on it the same way. You can either flip it as a new blog for a few extra dollars, or create a new authority blog every two months or so. Soon you will have an aged blog for sale every two months.

    Congratulations on your challenge and your wonderfully laid out plan.

    I wish you the best blessings in its success!


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    I agree with Kay, very organized and thought out plan you describe, I love the energy!
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    do you also plan of creating video content on your travel or just pure text content?
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    Good luck! I am guilty of starting way too many websites. However I now recognise that I should grow my winners. First thing I've done this year is take the top 10 pages in my best sites and lengthen the content. Hmm, I've never tried that before.

    Can I ask you about the travel niche? I'm actually prepping a YouTube video on this very topic. I am living in China right now and I got really mad because this site says "don't start a Chinese restaurant in ChinaTown".

    In fact this is nonsense because in China this is EXACTLY how business is done. You want a successful restaurant? Open up next door to a restaurant that is already successful!

    So what can we take from this? I reckon you SHOULD start a travel blog because so many other people blog about it. It means there is some good money to be made in this niche.
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  • Profile picture of the author clean99
    Great plan! Best of luck to you! Are you going to describe your personal travel experiences or discuss destinations, like where to go and what to do?

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    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Originally Posted by clean99 View Post

      Great plan! Best of luck to you! Are you going to describe your personal travel experiences or discuss destinations, like where to go and what to do?
      More or less yes, there is an incredible amount of information out there already on this subject, however there is still a lot of room for more up to do date info.

      That's the thing with travel in certain parts of the world, things change quickly and there are not always official websites.

      Update. Finally finished the first article at over 2000 words, yes I am way behind but better late than never.

      Right now my main focus is on content and then I will move on to site set up and structure.

      Today I have been looking for similar blogs and sites and trying to find the most shared articles to give me ideas for content.

      Tomorrow I will continue with the article writing and my goal is one article a day at around 500 words per article and an extra long article once a week perhaps but I am finding the long articles a real chore to finish.
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    You started this thread 8 days ago, how about an update


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    I think you need a bit more detailed plan in terms of marketing the site.

    Social accounts and of course the SEO.

    But, you have taken a big step here. Just keep going and you'll get there eventually.

    Best of luck to you.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dave d
    Brief update, doing one article a day takes a bit of dedication but so far so good as I have many other projects on the go.

    For content ideas I am taking my seed keywords and running them through Buzz Sumo to find the most shared articles that are relevant to my niche and subject matter.

    This week I will be purchasing the domain and then scheduling the content.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dave d
    Nothing significant to report as I have not yet bought the domain although I do plan to do this very soon. I just want to provide insights into my thought process and what I have planned.

    So far I am still writing an article a day which I am enjoying, although I am starting to experiment a bit by writing a few articles on subjects I have not researched but I feel will provide reader interest, for these types of articles its very easy for me to churn out 500 - 700 words plus. Lets see how that goes.

    I will continue to write an article a day and probably next week I will start to dive into some Facebook groups on the same niche to see what's getting the most engagement.
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