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i want to learn graphic design. what kinds of software needs for graphic design? please someone tell me.
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    Start with the Adobe Suite. Illustrator, Photoshop etc... The Corel Draw Suite is another software line to look in to.
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      Check out the "for dummy" books, as well as Youtube and you can go a long way.

      I'd also focus on one software for the moment and then transfer over to others. Personally I'd begin with Photoshop as there's loads of guides available online, plus magazines dedicated to just that one piece of software.

      I'm not sure where in the World you are, but in the UK at least, there's often quite a few evening classes which are relatively cheap and a great way to get started.

      Good luck, I learnt Photoshop at college and it's such a valuable tool to know. I'm constantly using it from everything such as my day to day job, to making custom birthday cards for family members.

      I see it, together with web design, as a life skill which you can apply to so many situations/jobs. You'll never regret learning it
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    i suggest you go with Photoshop. it's a great assets if you have knowledge to it.

    i learned Photoshop during my college, and its really handy when i build websites, design cards(any kind), and edit photos.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck.
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    I've been doing graphic design for almost 8 years....you want Photoshop and Illustrator. Nothing else compares.
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    You can learn the basic tools of Photoshop and Illustrator, from there you can create such amazing graphic design. Just explore those two software and you can also read and watch different tutorials on how to use the basic tools of Photoshop and Illustrator.
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    If Adobe is out of your reach then gimp and Inkscape can be a good way to get started for free.

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    You can start with Adobe Photoshop,Coreldraw,Illustrator,Lightroom and Indesign
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      It's seems everyone likes Photoshop. But I fell in love with CorelDraw. I was looking through the posts to see if I had a CorelDraw-mate in vain.
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        Originally Posted by goleza View Post

        It's seems everyone likes Photoshop. But I fell in love with CorelDraw. I was looking through the posts to see if I had a CorelDraw-mate in vain.
        I still use Corel products from time to time. They are really solid, a nice alternative to photoshop for people who don't have the budget for a full graphic's suite. Photoshop is still king though.

        Also, not sure who mentioned GIMP above, but that is also a nice one (although the learning curve is a bit steep).
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    The best route to learn graphic designing is start using Photoshop if available and Youtube videos! Come up with ideas you want to do, concepts, and google the technics used. It's how I learned over the years and it takes time. A fun way to start is manipulating templates to get an idea of how created and complicated it can get with layers. It can be very enjoyable.
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      Hi, I hope I can be of some help. In answer to your question, it completely depends on what you are hoping to design. Most of the important applications have been mentioned in the great replies above.

      I don't know if you are learning for yourself or looking to get hired, but to start out you need to be looking at Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign (and Quark if possible) and Acrobat. Maybe even in that order. I work in a creative team that does a lot of high-end branded work for big corporate clients, and those are our core programmes that we rely on every day. We run a lot of others, but those are the ones you need to get your head around first, especially if you are focusing on design for print.

      The best ways to learn are Youtube, getting yourself on a training course to learn the basics if possible and lynda.com

      The good thing is that if you get Adobe CC, all the applications have a lot in common, so if you can find your way round layers and tools etc. in Photoshop, it will at least help when you come to learn the others.

      A good way of remembering what each one does is the following (I stole this explanation from somewhere, but can't remember where!):

      Photoshop: Get all of you photographs/images ready. Retouching and heavy image manipulation.

      Illustrator: Get your logos/infographics and so on ready.

      Indesign: Assemble all of your images, logos and written copy to make the final design and output your artwork for print.

      Acrobat: Check all of your artwork and send to press.

      It is an extremely simplified explanation and there is a lot of cross over between design applications. For instance, there may be times when you want to design a logo in Indesign. It's a good starting point, though.

      Without exception, all of my colleagues learnt on the job and from playing around with these applications for years at home. If you are looking to get started all you need to do is get hold of a copy of any of these programmes and just experiment and look at tutorials. You'll be amazed at how fast you learn once you know the basics. Good luck!
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    Start with photoshop...
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    You need to learn only Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver ...

    Saheem is my name and google is my game

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    Photoshop is good to start with. Learn basics of composition/colours/contrasts etc. and try them with PS, then some basic photo editing, getting them ready for print etc. then jump to Illustrator and learn the magical world of vectors. Then dig in deep to wonderful world of typography.

    There's so much to learn in graphic design, but if you know how to manipulate photos the way you'd like, and you know how to make the composition pleasing and interesting with layout, colours, typography, images and you have good basic knowhow with the leading software (Photoshop, Illustrator) you're half way there
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    For software you will need Photoshop and Illustrator. But it won't teach you graphic design, start from the basics, proper layout balance and color theory. There are a ton of tutorials available on youtube.
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    Adobe's products are hands down the best out there. But if you don't have the budget or experience to use them, I would suggest starting with free options like Gimp or Sumopaint.
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