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Hi I am using a sitebuilder to create my posts/pages in wordpress. However when I want to add a plugin into the site and click on the Add Widget button, I see only a few plugins available. Some plugins which I have already activated are not available. Can you help me?
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    You might want to directly ask people from wordpress here https://wordpress.org/support/
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    Ok thanks. But if anybody else here have a solution feel free to reply please. Thank You.
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      Widgets are not the same as plugins.
      The widgets you can add are determined by the wp core files and your theme
      The plugins are whatever you can find at wordpress.org
      Some plugins will allow you to add additional widgets.
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    I agree, plugins and widgets are two different things. Think you might be slightly confused.

    Sorry, I am slightly confused what your asking.
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    Am a newbie to WP and this is my first site so this might sound silly to some of you. Apologies, but i dont know what to do. So please help if you can.
    Okay let me give an example. So i want to build a site similar to amazon. So i need to have a review plugin where buyers can review the product in the comments area. I download such a plugin. How to I integrate that plugin into the site. Some plugins i can integrate by using the add widgets button. But for the review plugin it isnt available in the widgets box. How do i integrate it into the page.
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      Generally a plugin will let you display its activity by adding a shortcode. If you try to use it in a widget you may need the plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortc...debar-widgets/
      They can also be displayed by editing the theme files. Do not try this yourself at this time. Hire some one if you want to go that route.
      As for the shortcode to use look under the plugin settings, on the faq of the plugin download page and in the readme file (access that by going into the plugin editor, selecting the plugin and browsing through the files until you see it.
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    Check with the plugin author, or find documentation about the plugin. I'm sure there's a simple way to integrate into your theme, you just need to find the how-to information.
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    Thanks everyone Appreciate it
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