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Finally. After working on my website for a very long time I've finally seemed to have finished it, for now at least.

Here's the url:

I would really appreciate the feedback and constructive criticism of my fellow warriors on how the believe the website appears. Also, I would like to know if i should set the video (on the website) so that it plays automatically, or to just leave it for the customer to press play.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and thank you so much in advance.
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  • I think it is advertising of your website for getting traffic towards your site.
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    Nice website.

    Definitely the video will play automatically.
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    Nice site, but the domain make me hard to remember :v
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    Over all I really like it. I looks very professional. Great looking page.

    Couple things...

    The video. I personally find it tacky to use youtube video's, and less then professional. Worst yet, ads are going to pop on the video, which could cause confusion fore your visitors and it's a major traffic leak. I understand why your using it, good idea, but youtube?

    Under the heading, "In this guide you will discover…", the four columns are pretty crunched together, a whole lot of text and throws off your layout a little, different column lengths. What about changing them to horizontal? Would be much easier to read and look nicer.

    Your bullet points with the red - next to them could use ALOT of help. Talk it up, hit the emotional buttons, or at least expand them out. It's said that often people will buy just because of a bullet point.

    Seems the bonus items could use better selling, just not very compelling.

    Just my opinions.

    Of course we can only give suggestions, testing will tell you exactly how well it is working

    On a side note, might not hurt to post in the copywriting sub forum, to get better advice on your copy. They might rip it up, but really could make a difference.
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  • i really like your website
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    Hi Moneyman7710 Nice design. My advice is to splittest the site by driving traffic to it and tracking the clics to it and conversion. You could try to change the headline or try different colors. You could try to move the video around or try a shorter headline. you could try to use a picture instead of the video and move the video down or any other changes. What counts is how the site is performing for you so make at least two vrsions and drive a little traffic to them to see how they perform. Then tweek again end rince and repeat. Keep up the good work. Good luck
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