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Hi everyone.

I have a few website, and am currently on a Hostgator package.

One of my main sites keeps going down, and I believe it's because I'm only allowed 25 processes on my current package.

I'm thinking it may be a good idea to leave Hostgator and move to a VPS or something similar?

All my sites are Wordpress - Will it be hard to move them all accros?

also, can anyone recommend any reliable and affordable hosting services?


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    I just recently switched to managed wordpress hosting and it's a huge improvement. I use Flywheel but WP Engine is popular too. Be prepared to pay more, but if you run a business and your sites are making money it's worth it. As for moving sites over, I get all my sites migrated over for free and they do it for me, have been loving the switch so far.
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    i am having same problem. my site taking much VRam some times i am getting 503 error due to resource limitation which means exeeding 1gb of vram
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    I have the baby package at Hostgator and at one time was running 10 sites (now down to 4) and only once had I had a issue but they resolved it. People give HG a bad name but for me it is a piece of cake to work with there c panel.
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    How much traffic does your main site get?

    As previously going to a provider that specialises in WP hosting may help. For about the same price as a VPS, you could use WordPress Hosting & Managed WordPress Hosting | WP Engine (non-affiliate link)

    For moving your sites, you can either use the free Duplicator plugin, or your find a lot of providers will help you migrate your sites for free.
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    Instead of making a bunch of assumptions, it would be a better idea to ask them what the problem might be. You may find yourself in the same situation with another provider...
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    there must be some technical glitches to go down. did you analyze the website. It would be best to fine tune your website before jumping to a VPS. I can see your website free...being a sys admin... if you feel comfortable give me the access I ll see whats wrong there and where is the bottleneck.

    Lowest Possible Price Servers- PawnHost.com

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