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Before reading the below addressed to Namecheap - I should say I have exhausted Namecheaps help as their tech team can see no history of these files existing or being deleted and r1soft has no back up records but they clearly did as you can see the image url paths and I sold the site - so .. good luck!

Support ticket to Namecheap:

"Hi - This is a really important issue which I would really like someone to address asap please.
So - My site exhilarateme.com was working fine up until I sold it Nov 13th 2014.
Now - I understand the domain now lies with the new registrar but what has caused a big issue has happened at Namecheaps end so here's where the issue lies.

There are 7 files in the public_html/exhilarateme.com/wp-content/uploads/2014 directory that are missing.

These include /05 /06 /07 /08 /09 /10 /11 - These contain a vast amount of images that are necessary for the site to now function properly.

Now - when I sold the website these files would have had to have been there as the site was looking exactly how it should do.

"When I zipped up the site by selecting all" and copying them to a new folder which I then zipped up and downloaded these files were not in the zipped up file as has been highlighted by the buyer.

I have been into now check this directory and the files are not there either.

Now because I have a business account with you I have R1soft which I'm sure you are aware of.

I have been in and checked and these files do not exist prior to the date I sold it.

I've been in and checked the earliest recorded date late October 2014 and these files are not here either.

So I am at a complete loss as to what has happened here - There would be no reason for me to delete them and if the site was functioning correctly up till mid November 2014 why hasn't R1soft have a copy of these files prior to this date.

This has become to put it MILDLY a big issue with the buyer and I need to get my hands on these files asap.

Could you please kindly advise.

I was on live chat yesterday, I was told what to do which I did - go to r1soft, but that was as far as I got through chat.
I opened up another ticket and that closed before I got a reply.
And I have submitted this ticket with you yesterday
It's really crucial that I resolve this today so if you could kindly advise or escalate it to someone who is able to navigate these waters - that be appreciated.

Many thanks,"
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    That happened to me and the solution was and always has been BackupCreator.com

    BackupCreator (BC) is a WordPress (WP) Plugin that will actually "clone" your site, so it is better than a backup. Simply clone your site and install the clone onto the domain/URL of your choice. You will need the Developer License @ $100.00 to install on sites that you do not personally own.

    You will also need to install WP with the default theme on the client's website before you move your site. And you will also need to install the BC plugin. Last, install the clone that you created. After the site is working on the client's website you will want to make sure all of the images render. Use the plugin search-and-replace to search for the URLs to your images. The whole process takes 10-15 minutes once you are familiar with the process. The end result is.. perfection.

    The reasons as to why the images were missing in the first place is four fold: WP JAVA /Theme JAVA incompatibility/MySQL issues and the links to the images in your MySQL data base are www.your-original-url.com which does not render the images on the new site where the original site's images are missing or deleted, etc., www.the-new-url.com. The way around that is to setup WP to store all of the images into one folder instead of storing the images into folders by date - when you first create the site.

    Also, if you do not want to use BC you can always export the MySQL database to your PC and import it to the new site. However, you may have to use the plugin search-and-replace. In the future, it might be in your best interest to stop adding the images to folders being the default WP method and start storing the images in a single folder, i.e. WP Admin > Settings > Media > Uncheck the box [X ] Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders. Up to you.

    In any event, the solutions will make-it-right.

    Jeffery 100% :-)
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    I fail to see how aback up solution is going to help now. If the files are gone, they are gone. Putting in a back solution now is not going to bring them back. Unless it has some magic I don't understand.

    You've tried asked the original host for backups? Every host backs up files in some manner. How often depends on the host.

    The other thought, you could try using something like this: Internet Archive Wayback Machine

    But doesn't looks like there are too many snapshots, so might not help? But looks like all images are there, and worst comes to worst, you can check the code to see where they go, in which folder. Might be time consuming, but if it's your only option.

    You don't have these images on your personal computer? They must have been on your computer at one point, so you could add them to your site, no?
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    Hi Ron,

    Its not a backup. Rather, it is a clone and it is a fix for the future. Not suggesting to backup the present site at all. I am suggesting that the missing files are still inside the original MySQL database and might even be on the new site, but in a different directory.

    In my experience, the files are most likely still in the original MySQL database. It wouldn't hurt to download (export) it in a zip file from the original domain and look to see if the files are still there. Alternatively, use the plugin search-and-replace to see if the files are still there, but uses a different URL on the new site. When that is the case just use the plugin search-and-replace to set the correct URL on the new site and the images will render.

    Also, since the site pulls other images from other sites through a JAVA application the URL(s) may also need changed with the plugin search-and-replace. The newer versions of WP handle JAVA URLs slightly different compared to past versions.

    Jeffery 100% :-)
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    Originally Posted by rob34 View Post

    This has become to put it MILDLY a big issue with the buyer and I need to get my hands on these files asap.
    Stupid question:
    What happened to the original files? Did you upload them and then delete your copy of them?

    Did you delete the original hosting account?
    If not, you need to get into its control panel and look for the files there.
    You'll need the original IP address for the host to log in since the domain name is now pointing to the new host.
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