How do you remove navigation bar from a wordpress page?

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Hi Everybody,

I'm having a bit of a dilemma over here and hope you can help.

I have just created my first sales page and OTO page on my very basic wordpress site. Everything is completed, have the page links, they don't show up on the menu but I can't remove the navigation bar from the top of the page.

I found one video in youtube that addresses this problem but his wordpress site is more advanced than mine I am guessing because I don't have the places to uncheck like was shown in his video.

Is there a plug in that I should download to remove the navigation bar from pages of my choice or am I over looking a simple check box?

Thank you for your help.
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    The easiest way is to add CSS line with display:none;

    If you could show us your website, I can send you the exact line you can copy & paste to your website.


    Find me here

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    Or just use a wordpress page template, like one that is made for sales page, it calls nothing but the page content. So you can leave out the menu's, side bar, footer, ect. Which of course you want to remove. Sure easier than finding plugin's to remove each part.

    Just talked about this in another thread.

    Here are what they are and if you want to make your own:

    Page Templates « WordPress Codex

    Or there are ready-made templates out there.
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      Thank you Ron

      I will give that a try
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    You could simply remove the navigation bar code from the theme. I do a lot of wordpress work, so if you need some help, drop me a line.
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    It sounds like you want your menu, but because it's not working correctly, your solution is to delete it. If you want the menu to show, first check the pages and make sure they're published. Sometimes, if they're drafts, they won't show up. Many times, they won't even show up in the backend so that they can be added to the menu. (If that's not the problem & you'd like more help, feel free to PM me with specifics.)

    As far as removing the menu completely, the easy/wrong way is to open the file with the menu code in it and delete the code that makes the menu appear. If it's your top-navigation, I'd assume the code is within the header.php

    The right/harder way to fix it is to create a child theme and use that to make the edits.
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      The menu works fine. It just looks tacky on my squeeze page.
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