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Okay I've used Optimize Press and Wordpress for awhile now and built a few decent websites I've been monetizing and now I want to do a membership website with 4 tiers of sign up. my questions are:

1. what is a good plugin for restricting material for a members only area perferably one that is easy to use.

2. Whats a good forum or message board plugin I can use with wordpress in a members only area.

3. whats a good way to upload videos so that only members only can see them

4. if all of this works and I set up all above stuff, How do I do a free tial/list building thingy so people can try before they buy kind of thing.

I apologize if my above questions sound crazy and if this is the wrong forum.

thank you so much

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    You'll get different opinions about membership plugins, but I personally prefer and use S2member. Even the free version has everything you need. It can do trials, many different levels, ect. It can lock pages or lock just certain content. I only lock the actually content, like just video's for example.

    I bought and used Wishlist and while it works perfectly, I am not going to use it any more. The code is too locked up, hard to customize and I found little support or knowledge about the product, even when paying for the "club" deal they had/have.

    As for listbuilding, neither of the options I've used work well with double optin, not like I'd like it.

    On a side note, you might want to think about the free trial idea. When you have a free trial, you could be getting people that can't or won't pay. I prefer to use a low cost, say $1 dollar trial. Better chance of them converting to regular membership price.

    Just my two cents
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    I only know one option for your 4th question: WPDemoBuilder.com
    You can give your customer their own demo to test all the functions on your site.
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      I own a membership site and there are many good plugins that will do what you want. I use S2Member Pro and unless I misunderstood something it will do everything you want.
      1, Restricting access is a core function for any membership script. I will warn you that S2 is very feature rich and will have a learning curve, So, easy comes with learning the script.
      2. S2 has a BuddyPress intergration but I haven't tried it,
      3.Sounds like embedding the videos in a page or post and then restricting it will do what you want.
      4. Free trial period is already a feature of S2. I give the first 60 days free.

      Your questions don't sound at all crazy. In fact you have outlined a simple membership site without a payment function. Since I warned you about S2 being feature rich, I think I should also suggest you not go for "too simple".

      The features I need seems to grow every day. There are features I'm using now that I didn't think I needed when I first bought S2. It's great to grow your membership site without having to find a new software solution.

      I'm happy to give you a walk through of my site or answer any questions you might have.

      Good luck with your site.
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