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Hey everyone one i have just finished my first website. and i know that is allot of talent and knowledge within these forums and i was wondering if you would be kind enough to give me some tips on my site all options are welcome. my site is wowupdatedtalents dot com and it's a site base around a game i play atm. World of warcraft.

Thanks Isaac
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    Issac looks like you are off to a great start.

    Do you plan on adding a custom Header at the top of the page, because there's a giant white box up there right now. I'd also think about a small and effective photo beside or above each class (can be any race).

    You can probably find one you can use for free so you wouldn't have to take you're own, but if you have to, it would be easy to take a screen capture and edit out to an avatar. People like seeing pictures with sites like these.

    I also noticed the pitcures you do have with each individual class page are quite fuzzy. I'd take In game photos from screen shots, edit out an avatar and blow it up to the size you'd like.
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    You have to work on the colors. Don't use colors like red or blue - they are very oldschool - they like like 98-99 design.

    Also if you use adsense - please use it in colors that suit your website - black background, white letters etc.
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    The text colors need work. The reds, blues, and whites
    are hard on the eyes. I agree about the AdSense block.
    Stands out too much. Try to make it blend more with your design.

    Hang in there!
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    Make your Adsense ads blend in more with your content. This will increase click-thru rates.

    Ooopss.. didn't see that they already told you that...
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      Originally Posted by iBBnet View Post

      Make your Adsense ads blend in more with your content.
      This will increase click-thru rates.

      Ooopss.. didn't see that they already told you that...
      Thanks anyway for the tip...
      I had not thought on that.
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    Hi, Isaac. It's hard to comment without knowing your goals for the site.

    Do you want visitors to hang around and help create a reputation for your site as an authority on WoW? Or do you mainly want to attract search engines and have your visitors click away quickly in a way that will make you money?

    If you want folks to hang around, I think you'll have to change your color scheme, as others have said, to make it much more readable. It's very hard on the eyes as it is.

    If you want folks to click away fast, then the site color scheme is perfect and so is the Adsense color scheme. Since the Adsense blocks have the most prominent links, people are likely to click them and make you some money.

    If money-making is your ultimate goal in either case, you could expand the possibilities by adding some affiliate links to WoW products. There are several on ClickBank that seem to sell well.

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    Just an FYI - you have a broken link - "Hunter" (Hunter_Pve.html) gets a 404 Not Found Error. You might want to create a custom error page so it looks more professional if a user tries to get to a non-existing page...

    Have an Excellent Day!

    ~ Nick

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    Real simple design. Good start. You have talent. If i were you, i'd design and code more designs
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    You have a good start. There are elements I like, especially in the easy navigation throughout your content.

    The most challenging thing for me in looking through your site was actually keeping my eyes focused on your site - the colors of your text really do more harm then good on your site. Overall it looks cool, but when actually trying to pay attention to your content - the text color makes me want to look away.

    I like seeing the images of the game characters but, some of them did come out fuzzy.

    Also, your Google Ads may get more clicks if you spread them throughout your content. I found myself completely ignoring the left side of your site, because there was nothing useful for me there - your content was separated from your Ads. Google has some great tips on Ad placement, you may want to check it out.

    Good Luck! Keep at It.
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    Hey all thanks for the great advice but there is a couple more things i would like to know i have added the adsense advise does it look better now does it need a background?

    the site was surpose to have a heading but it was broken for some reason it's good now tell me what you think.?

    The reason all my pictures are blurry is because my site is currently 30 pages and is about 100 kb per page making it 30Mbs and i don't have the band width for this much. so i went bk into PS and made the quality of each photo allot less to lower the Kbs per page. i know it's doesn't look the best not i have no idea how less i can do this? any suggestions?

    the site was not built for ad sense but is just there for a little extra cash i do wish in the future to make a passive income from ad sense sites so all advice is great.

    The reason for the red and blue on my site is because i have read allot of articals that say you have to have blue links becuase that is what everyone is familiar with. Is this true? if not what color should they be? Also i agree that the site is hard to read but without putting the red titles in i found it was hard to identify the headings. Does anyone have suggestions of the colors i could use to improve this?

    All help is greatly appreciated

    Thanks Isaac

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