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Hi everyone

Currently trying to add a most popular page to my website, which features the most popular pages by category. The closest I've found is a plugin called 'top 10', this has shortcode so allows me to use it on a page but does not have the option to have most popular by category, it only does over all. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    It could also be a visual composer add on if there is one, although I haven't come across one of those either!
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    It's not that hard for someone that knows how to custom build that. It's pretty easy if you would want to try it yourself goto Glossary « WordPress Codex learn how to do it. Or you can hire someone that knows wp. Good luck

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      awesome, thanks a lot! I'll have a go at it myself and if I don't manage I'll hire someone
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    https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpr...lar-posts/faq/ << that is an oldish plugin, but it does do what you say you are wanting..
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    Yes, that would be an easy thing to implement. I would just use add_shortcode, loop through the categories and use wp_list_pages, and package it into a custom plugin.
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    Thanks for the replies! I tried the plugin you suggested Melanie but I realized that my theme uses 'hub categories' for my hub pages which are what I want to have in the order of most popular. Does anyone know a way I can do this with hub categories?
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    anyone have any ideas?
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    I'm not sure what hub pages or hub categories are, but it will most likely require custom software.
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