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I have written a few blog posts for a new WP website and I have categorized these posts as 'blog'.

I have also set up a page called 'blog' and under settings, reading in my dashboard I have changed the post setting to blog.

Now when I look at my site when logged into the dashboard I can see the blog heading in the top screen menu and when I click on it I can see my blog posts.

However.....once I log out of my dashboard and look at my site through Google I can't see my posts under the blog header when I click on that page.

I've spend a good bit of time reading up on this on Google but I just can't seem to find an answer.

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    Please either PM your blog URL or list it here. Mike
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    is this a custom theme? Or is it the theme that comes with WP?

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    Hi Mike, I'd rather keep the URL private as its an Amazon review site.

    Tom - the theme is one I found within the WP dashboard. It's MH Magazine Lite.

    I hope that helps.

    Lovin' Life!

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      I think it is a custom think. I also do same after log out account i see all my blog.
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    I can understand not wanting to give out your address, but kind of hard to help without seeing what you have. Seems odd.

    And what do you mean, look at it through Google? You meant your browser right?
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      Hi Liarspoker. Sometimes I am able to solve problems like this without being able to see the site, but in this case I think I'd need to see the site.

      Originally Posted by Ron Killian View Post

      And what do you mean, look at it through Google? You meant your browser right?
      I think what Liarspoker means is that they searched Google for their site and followed the link.
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