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say in best free hosting site.
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      Originally Posted by mrhmamun View Post

      i used biz.if, it's good
      this hosting have low bandwidth.
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    please help.
    I want to other hosting
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    Hehe, stay away from free hosting or any free service from it. It just take your time and maybe your money some days. It can't work well. Let 's think if it work then all of paid services will be out of business
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    Free hosting is for people who want or need a hobby. Not for building a business that makes money.

    Wouldn't hurt to post better messages, hard to understand exactly what your asking. Take some time to post a good message and you'll probably get more replies and assistance
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    I don't recommend using free hosting.

    But for a good free host I've used 000webhost.com years ago without too many problems.

    I did have a few such as the mysql server going down and site wouldn't load but I didn't expect much for being free.
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    I don't recommend free hosting services because it's not a lifetime free...no one will offer a lifetime free in my own opinion....hosting your website in a free hosting is a bit hassle because when you're free hosting ended, you'll have to move your files again including your databases etc.
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    I don't recommend them either.
    Paying for a hosting service is so very, very cheap these days, it's not worth not paying!
    Seriously, you can find hosting for as low as $3 or even $1 per month... free hosting is not OK because your website is basically at their mercy.
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    have any free hosting? i want to use free hosting
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    • Hi suchintha,
      Free hosting is absolutely unusable for any project except probably student experiments. I tried multiple free hostings before, none of them is good. All of them have some ridiculous limitations: low bandwidth, tiny uploaded file size limits etc. It's much better to setup server at home computer - it will be more stable and usable than any free hosting (you'll have to pay for electricity more though).
      Even the cheapest hosting at $1/month will be hundred times better than free one.
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